My Journey

Prerna Sujan


I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. In 1988, I had an arranged marriage and left India to live with my husband in Nigeria. Our divorce brought me to Hungary in 1993, directly following the fall of the communism in the country, where I set up a flourishing beauty and wellness business in the Buda hills of Budapest. I began representing a luxury French brand, Guinot in Hungary and served as their trainer for several years. I then went on to work for a leading luxury day spa in downtown Budapest close to the Parliament as Corporate Sales and Marketing Manager. In this position, I was in charge of managing the spa’s corporate relations for which I sold corporate packages, held team building seminars for senior management executives and worked individually with my own clientele.

6 years ago, I started working as a legal recruiter at Hudson Legal, a NASDAQ, American listed company. The company went through a re-branding in March 2012 and now operates under the name of Legalis Global.

During my time at Legalis Global, I developed and nurtured legal recruiting in the Romanian market. It was here that I started to feel the urge to go out and share a gift that I have been born with of being an instrument of service and care. This jumpstarted my coaching career and inspired me to enroll at a program at a coaching school in mountainous and scenic Colorado, United States.

I have now been coaching senior executives since November, 2012 and I truly see magic happening. This leaves me with a gratified and fulfilled feeling and I am invigorated to continue coaching and bring this magic to the lives of my coachees. I aspire to live true to my name, Prerna, which means inspiration.