This week, having received the much awaited vaccination, the immune system went into overtime to generate antibodies. I lost my sense of taste and smell and experienced other expected COVID-like symptoms for a couple of days. I compared it to the stress that we face on a daily basis. Are we unpacking that stress appropriately … Continue reading REFRAME, REALIGN AND REBOOT


Those of you who know me are aware about my heart's desire is to live a life full of unconditional care and love towards all living beings, be it a human, insect or animal. I have yearned to live from this space for decades right from when I was a little mischievous girl. I can … Continue reading LOVE GRACE AND GRATITUDE


This week has flown by very swiftly. One common theme this week that I worked with several clients on: We are reacting to life rather than responding. Once we learn to respond, we are filled with learnings, intuitive wisdom, and the sword of discernment. The logical question is how might we stop reacting? A simple … Continue reading RESPOND-STOP REACTING NOW


During these uncertain times, let us live every moment wholeheartedly. The quote below by Denis Waitley , one of my all time favorites resonates for me today: "Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." NamastePrerna Ezekben a bizonytalan … Continue reading LOVE, GRACE, AND GRATITUDE


Honoring, celebrating and appreciating women everyday. Have a wonderful weekendNamastePrerna "Olyan nőkre van szükségünk, akik annyira erősek, hogy képesek gyengének lenni,annyira műveltek, hogy képesek alázatosak lenni,annyira bátrak, hogy képesek együttérzőek lenni,annyira szenvedélyesek, hogy képesek racionálisak lenni,és annyira fegyelmezettek, hogy képesek szabadok lenni." Kavita N. Ramdas Megbecsülni, ünnepelni és értékelni a nőket mindennap.Jó hétvégétNamastePrerna


What patterns and narratives are we projecting onto others’ in our conversations? Several times, innocent questions from a place of kindness, love, care and empathy might trigger a loved one. At times like this, we generally go into defensive mode, apologize profusely but rarely investigate what belief is being thrown into the field of conversations. … Continue reading PATTERNS AND NARRATIVES


Centering and meditation plays a big role in my life. I work with clients to help them tap into their authentic wisdom in the body. The guidance that we receive from that space is profound, wise, and insightful. This meditation helps you tap into the wisdom of your authentic self. I hope you enjoy this … Continue reading TAP INTO YOUR AUTHENTIC WISDOM


Several conversations this week have revolved around the topic of love. Why do we get triggered by acts from our loved ones? This question pops up again and again from many. Why do we get upset so easily? What makes us react rather than respond? I notice that I can be kind, caring and patient … Continue reading PRACTICING SELF-LOVE


The weekend started with a lovely surprise by my precious daughters. When the girls lived with me, every little occasion was celebrated wholeheartedly in our household. We always looked for an excuse to celebrate and those memories are strongly cherished by us all. We can disagree on matters (even more so now since they are … Continue reading LOVE