“Prerna has a wonderful personality with great ability to guide you through to explore and observe the observer in you. During the coaching sessions, she is of great help to improve yourself and achieve what might be missing from either your professional or personal life. Even after the first couple of sessions, I felt the positive change and the result of our work. I strongly recommend her as a coach to anyone who has a certain problem to solve or who just simply wishes to be better, you will know after the first time you meet Prerna that you have come to the right place.”
– Senior tax consultant at a Big4 firm

“I have never thought it would help that much. After a couple of sessions I started to feel, live, manage my life totaly diferently as I never did before: in a positive way”
– An entrepreneur and business woman.

“For the coaching practice: Prerna helped me to find a way to look inside of me. She managed to help me find answers to some situations which previously seemed dead ends to me. She is very patient, pays attention to each detail and asks the right questions to make you find the answers from within yourself. After few coaching sessions I felt more relaxed, more grateful and in the same time more motivated. She is a very good partner to chat and seems to have natural skills to coach. Her life experience and her background helps her to easily understand any coaching needs and provide the right advice. I would warmly recommend Prerna for her ability to offer guidance to her coachees towards specific personal or professional goals”
– senior legal counsel at a magic circle firm.

“I started coaching with Prerna in one of my hardest times in my life.”
“I have always been a very cheerful, optimistic, life loving person, but altough almost 2 years have passed after my divorce (I started a new life with 2 children after a 16 year marriage) I was still in a bad mood, sad, joyless and very negative towards life. I just somehow couldn’t find back to my old self.”
“We started the sessions, which I call a “spiritual coaching” because it really effected and transformed my brain, my soul, my heart and my spirit.”
“Prerna was wonderful, compassionate and very wise. Of course her knowledge and experience in life is giving us guarantee, but she also guided me, and helped me to see life from a different view.”
“She has been a mirror to me, a very important thing also was that I started to be 100% honest to myself, and by saying out things loud, and changing the observer, somehow things started to fall into place.”
“To be honest, I don’t know exactly, what happened, but just after 5-6 sessions, I felt much better. Everything started to make sense, now I see ( and I also honestly feel so) that everything what happened, was the best, and that it was no coincidence. Now I am closing the past, and ready to move on.””I really wouldn’t have thought that the process would go that quick, but Prerna just felt and knew how to help me, she is very special, with big experience and knowledge. She is openhearted, forward , and approches the people humbly. I can truly recommend her to anybody.” 
– Country manager in a fashion business.

“Sessions with Prerna are like a breath of fresh air. The exercising, the mirroring, the moments of centering and grounding bring you to the point of improving your everyday life by just taking a healthier approach towards everything around you. Prerna is able to gently, but firmly guide you on your way to yourself. Her gifted spirit brings joy and warmth to the sessions. Thank you, Prerna for this nice journey.”
– Legal Counsel at a Leading Fortune 500 company

“There are certain points in our life when we realise that something in our professional or private spheres does not seem to work properly or could function more efficiently. In such cases our first reaction usually is to commence a restructuring in our surroundings on the basis of certain criteria we believe in. We do not recognise that as long as we do not find our personal order and harmony inside, we will not be able to create any order or to find harmony with the people we live or work together. Prerna, through her inspiring and positive thoughts, has the ability to guide us in finding the milestones of inner composure, which is the key to find our place in the world and to move forward. The different approach she presents results in extraordinary discoveries and the change in attitude toward the world effects a true transition, both from a professional and private perspective.”
– A group in a reputed international law firm in Budapest

“I have known Prerna for many years and as a client of hers I have always found her to be extremely professional, her work ethic is honest and hard-working and she will always go that extra mile for you. Prerna is the most dependable, courteous and conscientious person I have had the fortune to meet. Recently I was going through a very difficult and dark time and with Prerna’s help and encouragement I began to understand and reassess my priorities and she has certainly helped me to continue on more positively. Prerna is a wonderful person, her energy and enthusiasm is immense and I am blessed that she is in my life – she has my highest recommendation.”
– Linda, Interior Designer (DIP ID, IDAI) from Dublin, Ireland

“Peace, gratitude, care, quality and learn to live to love. As a business owner of a successful company with around 30 people I was convinced that there was no other way for me only to manage my business with 100% focus on these words. Before meeting Prerna inside me I knew I was ready for this challenge , however, I was “not able” to bring these words into the daily working life though I really wished. Through Prerna’s guidance with 3-4 sessions we brought out together this capability from me and now I could say I have become very confident and conscious how I could implement the above mentioned words when I lead my company, so I could say I have become a better leader, what means for me that I serve better.”
“Thank you Prerna that you had the wisdom to understand me and I feel very lucky that I know you and I am very happy to recommend you if you need feedback, even if somebody asks my e-mail or mobile number.”
– Businessman in Hungary.

“Ha meg akarod oldani az Élet által eléd sodort problémákat, akkor mielőtt ebbe belekezdenél, tegyél rendet magadban és magad körül. A sikeres folytatás titka a belső egyensúly, ami a lelki békén alapul. Ennek záloga, hogy mindennek tudjunk örülni, amit kapunk az Élettől. Az ellenállás helyett inkább legyél elfogadó. Ne azt mondd, hogy „meg fogom próbálni”, hanem azt, hogy „meg fogom oldani”. Mielőtt nekifognál a hegy megmászásának, előtte lépj egyet hátra és messzebbről is tekints a hegyre. Ha feljutottál a hegyre, akkor add meg magadnak a méltóságot és ne sajnáld magadtól a siker megünneplését. A sikeres folyamat méltó lezárása nélkül hogyan indulnál neki a következő csúcstámadásnak? Akinek a beszéd a kenyere, annak különösen éreznie kell, mikor jobb néha inkább csendben maradni… A boldogsághoz és a boldoguláshoz tehát legyél őszinte magaddal és törekedj a lelki egyensúlyod és békéd megtalálására, ha pedig úgy érzed, már megtaláltad azt, annak megőrzésére. A lelki békéhez vezető labirintusom bejárata előtt találkoztam egy idegenvezetővel Prerna Sujan személyében. Tükröt tartott elém útközben, amiben sok mindent megláthattam magamról, amit eddig nem. Köszönöm!”
– dr. Nemeskéri-Kutlán Endre, MÁV Zrt. Munkajog

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