My dearest readers,

My first spiritual teacher taught me the concept of being humble as a blade of grass. As a young girl, I did not understand the wisdom in a robust manner. I mistook this to be living without dignity to self. My humility and kindness often was misunderstood as a sign of weakness. I’ve spent the last 13 years fine tuning this concept.

My ultimate desire on the path of awareness is to live with a super healthy sense of the ego. I am humbly walking the path and learning from what life gives me on a daily basis. I am certain that the Universe is conspiring its wisdom as always.

My understanding of being a better manager of the ego is when the idea of the self gets upset when life throws a curve ball in my direction. Do I practice acceptance when happenings unfold at their own pace and timing and are out of my choice? On the other hand, am I becoming a victim of unhealthy pride when life is treating me well? The ability to hold these polarities with equanimity seems to be the answer to having a healthy sense of self.

Every time I become attached to my thoughts and emotions that predispose my behavior and actions, I am slipping into a trap designed to imprison me. This robs me of the joy, bliss and peace that I experience when I am living out of awakened awareness.

Hope this post gives you some pointers to stay on the path of a healthy wholesome sense of humility.

In the spirit of service,
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My thoughts have been going out again and again to the Ganesha festival being celebrated widely over many parts of India and the world. What seems to be the reason why we have so many festivals in India? What might be expected from us?
The purpose of these festivals is to create habit patterns over a period of 10 days which we must continue through the year. Do we do so? Are we balanced and integrated in the domain of our thoughts, words and deeds?
I got upset at a co-shopper at the local farmers market when I was wrongly accused by her. I stood up to defend myself angrily. Upon reflection, I failed that day miserably. I needed to be kinder and spent the entire day reflecting on how I could do better. Might we pledge to live with an enhanced state of awareness and grow with every experience to make this year a special year of transformation?
This to me seems to be the true essence of invoking the spirit of Ganesha into our lives.

With love and care
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I believe myself to be a detached being. A new layer of the onion was recently peeled away when I got caught up in the web of attachment. The Universe very benevolently nudged me to contemplate and look for the reason of uneasiness within me. Upon honest inquiry and contemplation, it seemed so straightforward and quite interesting to witness. I was becoming possessive, an unhealthy way of being. I took stock and reset my way of being immediately.

I observed my thoughts and emotions immediately. The body whispers to each one if we care to listen. Once I observed from the outside, I was already quite detached. I could then start reasoning without identification. The worm was bubbling inside me due to the uneasiness. I refused to engage with the unpleasantness and instead sat with the feeling, continuing my life as usual. I have found that the insights and aha’s, along with the learnings, unfold at their own pace and timeframe. My agenda is to simply observe, witness, and reflect. Once the lessons are learnt, I set up my strategies and goals for the future.

Hope I have given you concrete steps to deal with challenging situations.

Humbly in the spirit of service.
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Today, let us explore what the relationship is between these two polarities. Fear is a very useful emotion. However, we do not always have a clear understanding of how to manage this emotion. I experience the importance of fear to navigate my life. I must fear of the consequences of my thoughts, words and deeds. If not, I shall be foolishly fearless on the surface while actually feeling quite vulnerable and insecure. Once I begin to walk the path of heightened awareness, bringing the virtues within myself consciously, I face fearlessness. I shall live with the virtues of right conduct and be ferociously fearless.
Tap into this space. Live life with love, patience, tolerance, kindness, non-judgment, forgiveness, truth, gratitude, contentment, acceptance and fly on the wings of peace and bliss 24/7.

Humbly in the spirit of service.
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I made a slightly judgmental remark on our family call a little while ago. I was pulled up immediately by my daughters. The apple does not fall far from the tree. I can be tremendously grateful for the presence of my 2 blessed and beautiful girls who hold an honest mirror incessantly. I spent the next day learning from the experience and reflecting on how I might train myself further.
The mind by its very nature is deceitful and full of itself. It must be trained with constant vigilance to live with enhanced awareness.

Feeling extremely grateful for your Divine Presence in my journey.

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My goal is to be the best version of an ideal mama to my kids, to the several beings who call me their mother on this planet, as well as the beings that I’m given the privilege and opportunity to serve. May I be supported on this journey.
I was deeply inspired by a beautiful story that I stumbled upon. A sandalwood tree when living spreads no fragrance. Once cut, it’s fragrance is divine and magical and happens to be one of my favorite scents.
A mother too keeps her sense of self well-preserved and protected, living with dignity. She gives ceaselessly, unconditionally without discrimination spreading her fragrance silently leaving a beautiful legacy behind.
Hope this inspires some on your journeys. #dignity #grace #unconditionallove #humility #loveissupreme #sandalwoodfragrance #divine #transformativesolutions #saturdaymood #weekendpost

With tremendous humility and love


I started a video conversation with a client saying that he wasn’t doing so well. Upon inquiring, he talked about his health concerns. During the conversation, we talked about the power of acceptance, contentment and gratitude. I requested him to measure his blood pressure after a short centering practice which consciously brought in the above qualities. His blood pressure was normal – a reading he had not seen in a long time.
We are what we practice! This is a powerful and bold statement. Live your lives from a pure space and free yourselves from the messiness of life.

In the spirit of service
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We get disappointed, frustrated and sad when our value systems are not met with by those in our circles especially those who are very near to us. This leads to internal stress which turns into chronic disease. Let me point you towards the wisdom that asks us to stay pretty like a lotus flower amidst the mud deriving strength from the muddy waters. It seems difficult and challenging to do so at the time. Does it not?
The work is to bring this understanding within our conscious selves to be completely comfortable and accepting in the way each one shows up. This being has been strategically placed in our path. We must recognize that this is a way for us to bow to Life with reverence and grow as a result of the breakdown.
Thus, we can now understand how we see each one as a unique representation of the Light. We eliminate hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, judgement and so many unwholesome emotions from our lives. Peace can be experienced at a visceral level with the help of moving from understanding to practicing with determination and rigor.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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I saw a video of a cat thinking how great it would be to eat a pigeon. The moment he realized that the pigeon was blind, he retracted. The mind is similar too. If you turn a blind eye to its antics, it performs the functions it is meant to be doing with precision.
Do it and notice the magic unfolding in your lives.

Humbly in the spirit of service


We lost a very young being recently. As I was reviewing some information that I received about her, I was filled with a deep sense of gratitude for everything that I have. My heart went out to the parents of this very young lady who had just blossomed and withered away before full bloom. It reminded me yet once again to cherish the relationships that I have been blessed with and live every moment as if it were my last. This awareness shall hold each one in good stead.

May her soul rest in peace!

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