Several conversations this week have revolved around the topic of love. Why do we get triggered by acts from our loved ones? This question pops up again and again from many. Why do we get upset so easily? What makes us react rather than respond? I notice that I can be kind, caring and patient … Continue reading PRACTICING SELF-LOVE


The weekend started with a lovely surprise by my precious daughters. When the girls lived with me, every little occasion was celebrated wholeheartedly in our household. We always looked for an excuse to celebrate and those memories are strongly cherished by us all. We can disagree on matters (even more so now since they are … Continue reading LOVE


My joy knew no bounds when I received a box full of my favorite pens in different colors. I could not stop smiling at how pretty my gratitude journal will look. I often refer to myself as a 5-year old feeling happy for the tiniest of joys. Why do we need elaborate experiences to make … Continue reading LITTLE MOMENTS


This week’s conversations have revolved on the serendipity of events and how beautifully aligned they are once we learn to tap into the workings of this magical universe. What must we do to be beneficiaries of serendipitous occurrences in our lives? In my opinion, we must learn to live from a place of acceptance and … Continue reading SERENDIPITY


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a restful holiday season. Each January, we see a surge of people pledging commitments and resolutions to themselves about aspects of their lives they wish to change. I have seen an uptick in such resolutions this year, particularly as we try to leave COVID-19 behind us. I … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR


As I’m walking around the apartment, straightening out the tassels on the rugs in the apartment this morning, I reflect upon the practices and habits that I’d like to shed as we bid farewell to this year. What takes you into a contracted unhappy state? It’s time to throw it out. What do you think? … Continue reading NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE


I wish you all a happy holiday season. This is a time for families to be together and celebrate the holidays. Conflicts and differences of opinion often arise making the holiday period stressful for many. This does not necessarily need to be so. When there is a spirit of understanding without bringing in personal preferences, … Continue reading TRULY UNDERSTANDING THE OTHER


The weeks before Christmas always seem busy. Sessions are longer than usual wrapping up the years learnings with clients. Many conversations this year seemed to end wonderfully with clients reporting a higher state of awareness and conscious presence. They reported well being, joy, peace and bliss despite the outer conditions that seemed challenging for many … Continue reading A LEAN MIND