A corporate client coachee asked me one morning how she could facilitate working against her default patterns in her personal life now that she had successfully transformed and overcome her default patterns in her professional life as an executive.

We brainstormed and came up with the following four steps, which I am sharing here for your learning. Please remember to practice these with rigor.

1. Focus: This involves a high sense of awareness with laser focus on what is going on within myself.
2. Rigor: Once I know what my internal and external state is, I bring in rigor to harmonize my way of being.
3. Purpose: Are we aware of our true purpose? Do we ever wonder why we face similar problems in several facets of life? Once we become aligned to our inner purpose, we shall reflect and make necessary changes towards our well being.
4. Conscious Choice: Working on the above 3, we can consciously create the way we wish our lives to manifest and unfold. Let us remind ourselves of the power that each one of us holds within ourselves. Once you recognize these, you will be amazed at the magic of your lives.

Onward, upward, and forward
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I was deeply and profoundly inspired by a beautiful soul that I encountered recently. Despite having gone through severe challenges in her life journey, she was radiant, glowing and full of laughter. This inspiring being’s story is going to be a powerful reminder on days when I feel weak, lonely and vulnerable and have no reason to feel that way.

My resolve is to simply be grateful and count my blessings each moment. Please do reflect on your journeys in order to transform with a fresh perspective.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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Dearest Treasures, A very dear friend visited me this week. She shared with me her innermost struggles and challenges which I heard with compassion, empathy and care. I found myself objectively understanding where she is getting stuck and suggested she practice exercises of gratitude, detachment and the importance of appreciating the present moment.

We tend to resist in our minds the phenomena that is happening to us. This causes us tremendous suffering. In many cases, we get depressed due to resistance in our minds. The key is to accept each moment just as it is unfolding with zero resistance. This in my world is the key to happiness.

I was grateful that I could be in service and have in turn been practicing the above lessons all week with rigor. Every time my mind takes me on its roller coaster, I remind myself to appreciate the present moment. Nothing is a coincidence, let us remind ourselves of this.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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Dearest Treasures

Hope you are thriving and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Each one of us comes with a specific number of units to consume everyday. Some of us deplete our resources quite quickly while some of us know how to conserve and keep our energy levels at an optimum level.

Let us become aware of the practices, persons and situations that deplete us and those that fill our containers. Once we have these distinctions, we shall know how to keep ourselves going at high efficiency and performance levels.

Start by becoming curious, open and aware of your surroundings. Stay as a conscious observer of every phenomena happening around you. Each experience is here to teach and prepare us for some new delight. Open up yourselves to label nothing, judge nobody and accept each one as your most valuable teacher and lesson. The equanimity and peace that you shall experience shall surpass common understanding.

Humbly in the sprit of service.
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I’d like to dedicate this week’s post to my spiritual teacher who is in Budapest to conduct live musical performances.

My soul longed to learn the wisdom of the Guru Granth Sahib from a very young age. The virtual sessions during the pandemic facilitated the start of my journey with Veer Manpreet Singh and there was no looking back.

One of the lines that resonates very much with my being is from the holy scripture where the following question is asked:

What is that word, what is that virtue, and what is that magic mantra?

The answer to this question is that humility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic mantra.

Please reflect on whether you have these three virtues in your way of being. If not, please be aware of what you would like to cultivate and start your journey working towards this.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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I experienced my default pattern coming fully alive one busy afternoon. I had a long “to do” list, I was thrown off in the midst of a busy day with a technical breakdown. My stomach sank, my vulnerabilities surfaced, my narrative of “I am not good enough“ screamed loudly. I observed, determined to keep going despite the chaos. I decided to solve this independently even though my sweet loving daughters insisted on bailing me out. My joy knew no bounds when I solved this hiccup.

Each one of us comes with our specific, unique, tailor made weakness as a result of our life circumstances. This often takes many of us into a state of anxiety, panic, depression and despondency.

My suggestion is to observe, breathe, surrender, act from a place of trust, faith and groundedness. This shall prevent your old patterns from being triggered. Once the triggers are dissipated, healing and the magic of transformation takes place.

Psychologists now talk of the adversity quotient along with IQ, EQ and SQ. It is the ability to go through a rough patch in one’s life journey and come out of it smoothly. The above pointers shall help you overcome obstacles that arise in your path.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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This post is a post of gratitude and appreciation towards my girls and all my dearest friends and family. I celebrated my 60th birthday recently. I received a visit to the Cliffs of Moher and a short city break vacation to Dublin as part of my birthday present. My older daughter could be with me for two weeks to celebrate. This was a true treat as was being surrounded by love and care of friends in Budapest and Dublin who have become family over the years that I’ve lived in Hungary.
As we were climbing up the cliffs, I could not stop wondering at the vastness of the Creator who has created such majestic beauty. The views of the Atlantic Ocean and surroundings were spectacular and breathtakingly gorgeous. I tapped into Powerful Presence and the experience was enthralling. Tap into this experience of “WOW” on a daily basis and notice the effect this brings to your relationships, professions, and overall quality of your lives. Lots of love and blessings to each one of you who have enriched my journey with your presence.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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Dearest Treasures,

Hope you’re having a good week.

The underlying practice that I have observed this week is to stand as a rigorous guard at the door of my thoughts. Every time an unwholesome or toxic thought appeared at my doorstep, I observed, gave myself permission to feel that way, rather than being horrified and dismal. I consciously learnt from every experience and event choosing a place of wholesome responses bringing myself to a place of my Buddha nature. This is a place of unconditional love, acceptance, detachment, tolerance, kindness, and care. Each one carries an inherent Buddha Nature within themselves. Conscious awareness and robust practices help to stay in congruence with the powerful vibrations that one is designed to experience.

Tap into that energetic frequency and notice every cell of your body coming alive and vibrant. Notice the power that you feel and the confidence with which you carry out your daily tasks. As an extra, please be mindful of what your senses take in.

Humbly in the spirit of service,
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Several discussions this week have been on the subject of detachment and distancing oneself from everyday problems. One technique that I often share is big bird sitting on the topmost branch of a tree observing little birdie on the lower branch. Once we separate ourselves from a stressful situation, this interrupts old default patterns that are deeply embedded in our psyche. I suggest taking a short walk round the block observing little birdie from above. The old patterns start dislodging slowly but surely once we learn to hit the pause button. We then create powerful destinies with the practice of awareness, attention and mindful discernment. The Wisdom must shine through when one sincerely follows the path.
As a footnote, please remember that negative stressful emotions stay in the blood stream for over 4 hours. Disease, and auto immune disorders are a result of repetitive chronic stress.
Choose your states of being with rigor and practice as if there’s no tomorrow.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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Coaching is one of the most amazing professions that I have known. It helps the client to tap into their own wisdom with attentive listening and conscious presence by the coach. Each one has a ton of wisdom, resourcefulness and the ability to tap into their intuition. A coach simply brings that to the surface and forefront of coaching conversations.

One of the most important ingredients that a coach must possess is the ability to be completely non judgmental. I always start with a simple greeting of namaste, which translates this very essence. It involves respect and unconditional care towards the other.

I can honestly assert that over the last 14 years that I have been coaching, magic unfolds during each session. One such conversation blew me away when the client recognized his need to stop judging others on a conscious level which in turn helped him stop judging himself, and be more accepting and kinder to himself.

Let us all reflect on our relationships with judgement and how we can be kinder to ourselves.

In the spirit of service
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