Manipulation is practiced consciously as well as unconsciously in relationships. I notice manipulation in the name of spirituality as well. I however understand these as opportunities for growth and transformation. The reactions that are evoked within me as a result of an action by the other help me use my discerning intellect. I observe the judgement, annoyance or irritation within myself and work on transforming these into a state of purity, kindness, compassion, understanding and love towards the other being.Hope this short post helps some of you in your journeys. Keep up your dignity and self care practices. Refrain from exploiting the other if you are in a position to do so, staying humble always. Treat each one as you would like to be treated. #dignity #selfcare #transformation #purity #kindness #compassion #love #transformativesolutions #stopmanipulation #saturday

In the spirit of service


It has been a week of mixed emotions. Some exhilarating moments, some moments of fatigue, heaviness and facing the grey, dreary month of January. Some days felt as if I was carrying a ton of weight on my shoulders.

Upon reflection this morning as I was preparing to write out this post, I questioned and reflected on the week. Upon self examination, I recognized some attachment to outcomes in the body and mind. These felt like stones that were not allowing me to float freely (a feeling that I enjoy a lot).

What are the stones that are coming in your way of experiencing freedom. Recognize, shed the heaviness, and memorize the lightness that you experience.

Let this become your reference point going forward.

Humbly in the spirit of service, Prerna #stoneware #saturdaymorning #lightnessofbeing #transformation #transformativesolutions #haveablessedday


Transformation is never an easy process. The pain of self awareness brings about a realization of the possibility of becoming something that we are meant to be.

Thanks to my inspiring daughters, I have embarked on a 30 day kindness challenge. I will be focusing on being kind to myself and others in thoughts, words and deeds. This happens to coincide with the celebration of Lohri, the Indian festival where we burn unwholesome habits that do not serve us.

Please feel free to join me and let us inspire each other with kindness on planet earth.

Humbly in the spirit of service
Prerna #lohri #kindnessiscontagious #selfawareness #transformation #transformativesolutions #saturday #namaste


I am reminded of the parable where Jesus, when asked to throw stones as punishment, said that whoever is free of sin may cast the first stone.

I caught myself acting out of righteousness and feeling entitled recently. I pledge to remind myself of this story the next time I am in a self-righteous space. I will honor my imperfections and strive a little bit harder.

Gratitude with humility for the awareness my lovely daughters inspire in me.

Prerna #awareness #humility #selfrighteous #entitled #keepwalking #transformation #saturdaymotivation #transformativesolutions #namaste


I maintained a gratitude journal for years until it became a deeply ingrained habit. Every minute is spent in the attitude of “wow this” “wow that”. I have trained myself to appreciate even the most minuscule of happenings during my day and live in joy and bliss each moment.

My joy knew no bounds when my lovely daughters started a gratitude channel for our family of 3. Each one is required to post at least one entry per day. We could also post several entries on any given day as well.

I am sharing this to inspire and motivate some of you who might wish to form small groups within your communities to express gratitude on a regular basis. It can be for the most trivial reasons like a lovely cuppa tea, a hot shower, a comfortable bed, and heated homes. The list is endless.

Gratitude keeps me in good shape and I’d like to share the gratitude movement with each one of you in 2023.

I humbly seek your blessings
Prerna #gratitude #movement #2023
#transformativesolutions #gratitudechannel #gratitudechallenge


I am often asked about the purpose of this human life.

My very humble understanding is that we are required to eliminate our karmic residue by constantly turning vice into virtue. How might we translate this into our everyday life would be the next logical question.

Wisdom points me to keep a spiritual understanding as the primary focus in my life path.
We are sometimes horrified at the actions that some perform, which we can understand as the other giving us what they have nurtured in their lives. If deceit is another person’s way of having an upper hand, they might think that they are smart and clever. What they may not understand is that they are deceiving none other than themselves. I always remind myself of this.

What then must we do? We must keep our focus on the wisdom and turn the negatives into positives within ourselves. This is the Divine way of how we are actually being turned into gold, slowly but surely, and these experiences will become a rejoicing process.

Humbly in the spirit of service – Prerna #humility #service #cultivatevirtues #gold #rejoicing #goodbye2022 #welcome2023 #transformativesolutions #saturdaymotivation #namaste #respect


My dearest precious treasures,

I almost forgot to post from a mini vacation with my little princess who’s visiting me after a grueling semester at law school.
I exercise tremendous love and care looking for gifts that will be of value for my loved ones. I decided to gift my little one a spa vacation for the holidays this year at a Moroccan-inspired hotel in the Hungarian countryside. I checked it out reading the reviews and the usual drill one indulges in during these high tech days that we are living. I put no effort in building up imaginations of how the place would be. Upon arrival, we were impressed at the facility, their services and the entire experience which served the purpose of my gift quite sweetly.
Once again, I recognized how important it is to have very little expectations. We must put in effort and then let go of the results. This is the secret of a well lived, happy life. Let’s strive to live in the present moment, planning what we absolutely must and letting go of how our efforts yield fruit.

Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of service
Prerna #holidayseason #christmastree #christmaswishes #expectations #lowerexpectations #gratitude #appreciative #presentmoment #saturdaymotivation #lights #humility


Love and care are my default way of being. Is that love and care serving me when I love others more than I love myself? My learnings over the past years has been to let go of this love and care and give more dignity to myself. I still continue loving but am ensuring that I give myself dignity rather than undermining my well being. The joy and bliss that I experience as a result is beyond explanation. There is not an iota of resentment within me which is a feeling of freedom and liberation.
Hope this post inspires some of you to make some small tweaks in your relationships.

I seek your blessings
Prerna #loveislove #lovereignssupreme #dignity #transformation #transformativesolutions #saturdayvibes #haveanamazingday #blessings #namaste


During a conversation with a client recently, he mentioned how his mind can be his biggest enemy. He lives a mindful, conscientious life, and often comes across people who he believes live life without a thought and care. I gave him a reflection on how grateful he could be to exhibit the sensitivities that he possesses and he began to appreciate and value this due to the mindset shift that I shared with him.
Those of us who live life sensitively often find ourselves getting hurt very easily. We cannot understand how the other is insensitive and uncaring compared to ourselves. What we must consciously remind ourselves when this happens is that this person has appeared in our journey to help us move past our inflated sense of self. We are being guided towards wearing the robe of humility with deep felt gratitude at being blessed with a kind and caring way of being. I assure you that the judgement, anger and tension will rapidly dissipate.
Finally, each one defines sensitivity based on their own truths and values. Let there be no judgement towards anyone is what I remind myself constantly.

In the spirit of service
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The quality of our interpersonal relationships defines the meditative and spiritual practices that we follow and we can bring the learnings into daily living and the complexities of life. Let us examine ourselves today and work on tweaking/dropping one unwholesome habit. The peace and joy that you shall experience is beyond explanation. Question your expectation of how life must manifest and notice if this causes tension within yourself? If so, you might need to let go of some emotions and learn to look within yourself to change. Bring in the mindset of acceptance and focus on your well being. Yes, you deserve it.

Humbly in the spirit of service
Prerna #yog #focus #acceptance #dropexpectations #expectationshurt #wellbeing #transformativesolutions #saturdayvibes #namaste #humility