I have received some pretty pieces of the Turkish evil eye from family, friends and well wishers over the last several years. I believe it is to ward off evil eyes in our home.
My understanding is that the human mind is full of negative dark thoughts as well as wholesome thoughts. Intelligence has been given to humans to be able to move from toxic behaviors to a place of purity and piousness.
India’s weaver saint, Kabeer Ji from the 15th century uttered these very potent verses: har jan aaisaa chaaheeaai jaisaa har hee hoi; The humble servant of the Lord should be just like the Lord.
We are being nudged to a place of purity which each one of us can achieve with rigorous practice and training. We go to the gym to take care of our bodies. When shall we start taking our human life seriously and work towards a place of purity? Beings who abuse us or do wrong to us are only helping us attain the level of purity which each one of us must get to in order to self realize.
Hope this thought resonates with some of you. Please take some steps every day to move up in the journey toward purity.
Thanks so much for this precious piece. It gives me joy everyday. Blessings!
With utmost humility in the spirit of service
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Compromised relationships are a result of opinions, assumptions and judgments we tend to make without clarifying with our loved ones. Toxicity enters creating dents which seem to get wider and wider as time goes by.

One recommended practice I strictly follow to serve myself is to conduct clear conversations and expectations fearlessly.

Lessons that life continue to teach me is to stop letting history haunt me. Let bygones be bygones is something I’m training myself to live by.

With humility in the spirit of service
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My precious beings and treasures!

I received this picture a few days ago from a very dear being. She messaged me that the little one was fed by the mother regularly. The mother would take off after feeding leaving the little kitten to fend for herself.
A Higher Power sustains each one of us quite beautifully. The animal world understands this phenomenon quite well. Why then we humans are constantly craving for more and more without consciousness and awareness?
Might we bring in the virtue of trust and faith as we continue to live our lives not focusing on the fruits but rather focusing on the emotion with which we are performing the action in the field of life.
Humbly in the spirit of service
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Dearest Treasures

Hope you are all doing very well. It was a wonderful week holding a leadership retreat for clients this week. As we were walking on the lakeside, we noticed two swans that hurriedly flew away when they saw another swan that probably belonged to that part of the lake.

I was struck by how nature lives by its rules. Why then, we as humans cease to understand the concept of respect, love, tolerance and unconditional acceptance?

I humbly urge you to bring in one virtue this week to notice change in your life.

With love and care
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“We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are”…. Zen quote!

This has been the summary of this week’s conversations. We cannot influence the other’s perceptions. What we can influence is to fill ourselves with purity, kindness, love and care towards each one.

The path is arduous and challenging, take one step at a time, stumble, fall and rise again. Blessings to each one on the journey.

With tremendous humility
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Dearest Beautiful and Blessed Beings

As I was pondering over the message that I must send out this week, the following trail of thoughts came to my mind.
Easter demonstrates the salvific plan and defeat of death with the hope of salvation. How does one defeat death and get salvated would be the next logical question?
In my humble opinion, the way to salvation is to stop reacting to life, it is responding to life consciously with love, kindness and care. Those in our journey are mirrors helping us reach and attain salvation. Each one is manifesting from his perspective helping us grow and glow through life.
Let us understand the depth of this holy weekend and work towards being freed from the ferris wheel of reincarnation and suffering.

Humbly in a spirit of service
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Last weekend on one of my walks with Juhi and Raul in Ontario I stumbled upon this mural which caught my eye. My curiosity led me to learn the following.

Among the Anishinaabe people, the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers is a set of teachings that demonstrate what it means to live a “Good Life.” They detail human conduct towards others, the Earth, and all of Nature. The seven teachings are gifts as follows: love from the eagle; respect from the buffalo; courage from the bear; honesty from the sasquatch; wisdom from the beaver; humility from the wolf; and truth from the turtle.

Is it not interesting how each culture emphasizes these very values? I wish for the day when many of us start living from this space. Wow! What a world we can create for future generations.

In the spirit of service with humility,



This week a client asked me for some concrete measures to overcome fear. Fear as I see it is “imagined reality“. A belief that we hold onto from our childhood lingers on into our older years, often incapacitating us.

My one go to is to intelligently converse with the mind to explain the futility of our imagination. Our mind is a tool given to discern and be well no matter what the outer circumstances indicate. Unfortunately, we are wired to succumb to mind misery. The very mind that causes us to suffer can be trained with loving conversation to eliminate the unnecessary garbage we indulge ourselves in.

This quote by Lao Tzu seems relevant:

“One who understands others has knowledge
One who understands himself has wisdom
Mastering others requires force
Mastering the self is strength”

In the spirit of service,

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I woke up yesterday morning to several Holi messages and wishes.

During my meditation practice, the message that was screaming out to me was to live a life of further rigor, awareness and wholesome values.

The world is going through an existential crisis and it seems that many of us are leading unconscious lives without bringing positive change in our ways of being.

In my world, the true Holi is celebrated when we bring in the colors of love, kindness and compassion towards one another.

Might we choose to truly weave one powerful value in our week beginning today to help bring world peace on this planet.

In the spirit of service with utmost humility
Prerna 🙏

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