My joy knew no bounds when I received a box full of my favorite pens in different colors. I could not stop smiling at how pretty my gratitude journal will look. I often refer to myself as a 5-year old feeling happy for the tiniest of joys. Why do we need elaborate experiences to make … Continue reading LITTLE MOMENTS


The weeks before Christmas always seem busy. Sessions are longer than usual wrapping up the years learnings with clients. Many conversations this year seemed to end wonderfully with clients reporting a higher state of awareness and conscious presence. They reported well being, joy, peace and bliss despite the outer conditions that seemed challenging for many … Continue reading A LEAN MIND


What a year this has been!! As I am reflecting on the last 9 months, I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and appreciation. Firstly I’d like to thank my daughters who have not let a day go by without speaking to me, many times on video calls. I am immensely grateful to my … Continue reading THE GIFT OF ADVENT


We have had an eventful week helplessly watching events unfolding. This has triggered a deep sadness in my soul for the loss of common human values of kindness, compassion, mutual trust, and respect towards each other. These qualities seem to be dwindling fast as the language of hate, separation, and divisiveness are becoming mainstream. I … Continue reading CO-CREATING COMMON SHARED VALUES


I feel so so immensely blessed and humbled with the transformation that many of my clients go through as a result of my coaching. This is the best reward that I could ask for. Several conversations this week have triggered within me the image of Alcatraz, the prison and lighthouse in San Francisco. Many of … Continue reading ALCATRAZ


My work helps people to tap into the creative, resourceful, and whole version of themselves which is present in each one of us. I simply facilitate my clients to get in touch with these parts within them in order to experience well-being in every aspect of their lives. When I start looking at each person … Continue reading YOU ARE CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL AND WHOLE!!


"Life holds a magical mirror to help us observe, learn, grow, and finally practice its learnings." For me, my desire to be in service must be focused on those who truly want to grow. I must learn to help others by examining the need with the facts in question instead of offering unwanted advice. Doing … Continue reading LEARNINGS


Many of you already know that I’m going through my own journey of transformation since the onset of COVID-19. I am actively participating in online healing sessions to learn the ancient wisdom from the holy Sikh texts. I was finding it very hard to wake up for the early morning session on Sunday last week … Continue reading TRAINING THE MIND AND COVID


I am tremendously grateful for the honest bond that I share with my girls. It is maturing sweetly just like an aged wine, which is magical to witness as a parent. When I went into a subconscious belief while talking to my younger daughter last week, I was immediately challenged and I went on defensive … Continue reading LEARNINGS