Clear lake in glasses on the background of blurred nature
The mind was giving me a good run around the last few days 🙂 🙂 🙂  I noticed without resisting, clinging. There were 2 persons. One watching the drama and the other screaming and shouting. I stayed grounded in my Being. My practices, my work which I’m totally passionate about, my wonderful family, my social connections, my commitment to take good care of myself, exercise, eating healthy, getting enough rest, my professional learning and development. This morning the magical shift happened. I was HOME. I arrived back to where I belong.
The question is are we being too selfish by having so many ,MYS’ – was I being too selfish? Which is what we are programmed to question.
I leave you with a sentence to ponder and reflect
‘Selective self interest is often confused as being overly selfish or self absorbed’
How willing are you to invest in your well being? What possibilities emerge when you do so?
Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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