Weekend Reflections

I am often asked about how must we deal with various challenges and situations regarding relationships at home and work. I personally have found great solace in using the following keys to help me discern.

Patanjali 4 keys

Friendliness towards the happy
Compassion towards the unhappy
Delight towards the virtuous

Disregard towards the evil

Our emotions are a pre cursor to how we lead our lives in many cases. They determine often the actions that we take. This is the reason our parents asked us to count backwards starting from 10

These keys must be carefully applied backed up by our experiences with the persons that we feel challenged with. I request you to notice and carefully differentiate between our assumptions dominated by mind and ego versus the actual facts that can be proven right or wrong.

Once we have the right key, we can unlock any emotion and place this in the right perspective. We can be saved from emotions like guilt, shame, fear, anger, resentment etc.

Please write to me if you would like to learn more.

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