Envy and jealousy if handled with a robust understanding can serve as an engine to recognize what is missing in one’s life. They become the motivating factor for many to fulfill their goals and targets. One of my clients, with the help of coaching, recognized this trait in herself and converted it to purity. Exercising rigorous practices, she exuded radiance on her face that was evident from the first minute of our conversation. The calm confidence that emanated from her was something I had never seen before.

Being on the receiving end of another’s wrath, envy or jealousy can similarly help one reach a high level of purity. The virtues of accepting, letting go of expectations, and understanding and living in the present moment, can bring out the hidden wisdom and courage present in each one of us.

It is time to stop living from a victimized state. Stand up for yourself and make powerful requests. Pledge to sparkle like a diamond in its purest state.



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