Dearest Beautiful and Blessed Beings

As I was pondering over the message that I must send out this week, the following trail of thoughts came to my mind.
Easter demonstrates the salvific plan and defeat of death with the hope of salvation. How does one defeat death and get salvated would be the next logical question?
In my humble opinion, the way to salvation is to stop reacting to life, it is responding to life consciously with love, kindness and care. Those in our journey are mirrors helping us reach and attain salvation. Each one is manifesting from his perspective helping us grow and glow through life.
Let us understand the depth of this holy weekend and work towards being freed from the ferris wheel of reincarnation and suffering.

Humbly in a spirit of service
Prerna #easter #eastermessage #eastermonday #easterbunny #transformativesolutions #sundayvibes #humility #salvation #liberation #namaste

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