I have received some pretty pieces of the Turkish evil eye from family, friends and well wishers over the last several years. I believe it is to ward off evil eyes in our home.
My understanding is that the human mind is full of negative dark thoughts as well as wholesome thoughts. Intelligence has been given to humans to be able to move from toxic behaviors to a place of purity and piousness.
India’s weaver saint, Kabeer Ji from the 15th century uttered these very potent verses: har jan aaisaa chaaheeaai jaisaa har hee hoi; The humble servant of the Lord should be just like the Lord.
We are being nudged to a place of purity which each one of us can achieve with rigorous practice and training. We go to the gym to take care of our bodies. When shall we start taking our human life seriously and work towards a place of purity? Beings who abuse us or do wrong to us are only helping us attain the level of purity which each one of us must get to in order to self realize.
Hope this thought resonates with some of you. Please take some steps every day to move up in the journey toward purity.
Thanks so much for this precious piece. It gives me joy everyday. Blessings!
With utmost humility in the spirit of service
Prerna #turkishevileye #purity #intelligence #discernment #saturdayvibes #transformation #transformatvesolutions #droptoxicity

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