A high sense of awareness of thoughts, words and deeds helps the traveler on the journey of life learn with every day that passes by in his short life span. Beings who claim to be religious having rigorous practices seem to lose the point of the need for an elevated sense of vigilance over thoughts, words and deeds to observe the subtle complexities that life brings forth. The mind by its very nature loves to appreciate and deceive oneself to extensive lengths. It requires tremendous courage to stand up and transform one’s faults and misgivings to purity. What we receive from the other becomes a learning experience which allows us to stay untouched. This seems to be the purpose of one’s life. Does not the lotus flower do this as well? The lines below received as a thought for the day a few weeks back reflect these musings quite beautifully. *a(n)jan maeh nira(n)jan raheeaai jog jugat iv paieeaai;* Remaining unblemished in the midst of the filth of the world – this is the way to attain Yoga.

With tremendous humility in the spirit of service

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