These thoughts came to me in the early hours of the morning during my practices.

Forgiveness is a key and doorway to open up the Infinite Energy within ourselves. It releases tension within ourselves. Practicing diligently, rigorously and honestly without self deceit and manipulation shall give you this “wow” experience of achieving your dharma.

Forgive yourself and others. Life simply places the persons in your life journey. Nothing is a coincidence. This body is an AMAZING tool to tap into the magic and mystery. Use it wisely.

Two citations below from the sacred Japji Sahib that endorses and attests.

“tis vich dharatee thaap rakhee dharam saal” in the midst of these, He established the earth as a home for Dharma.
keteeaa karam bhoomee mer kete kete dhoo upadhes; So many worlds and lands for working out karma. So very many lessons to be learned!

Humbly in the spirit of service
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