It has been a week of mixed emotions. Some exhilarating moments, some moments of fatigue, heaviness and facing the grey, dreary month of January. Some days felt as if I was carrying a ton of weight on my shoulders.

Upon reflection this morning as I was preparing to write out this post, I questioned and reflected on the week. Upon self examination, I recognized some attachment to outcomes in the body and mind. These felt like stones that were not allowing me to float freely (a feeling that I enjoy a lot).

What are the stones that are coming in your way of experiencing freedom. Recognize, shed the heaviness, and memorize the lightness that you experience.

Let this become your reference point going forward.

Humbly in the spirit of service, Prerna #stoneware #saturdaymorning #lightnessofbeing #transformation #transformativesolutions #haveablessedday

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