I experienced my default pattern coming fully alive one busy afternoon. I had a long “to do” list, I was thrown off in the midst of a busy day with a technical breakdown. My stomach sank, my vulnerabilities surfaced, my narrative of “I am not good enough“ screamed loudly. I observed, determined to keep going despite the chaos. I decided to solve this independently even though my sweet loving daughters insisted on bailing me out. My joy knew no bounds when I solved this hiccup.

Each one of us comes with our specific, unique, tailor made weakness as a result of our life circumstances. This often takes many of us into a state of anxiety, panic, depression and despondency.

My suggestion is to observe, breathe, surrender, act from a place of trust, faith and groundedness. This shall prevent your old patterns from being triggered. Once the triggers are dissipated, healing and the magic of transformation takes place.

Psychologists now talk of the adversity quotient along with IQ, EQ and SQ. It is the ability to go through a rough patch in one’s life journey and come out of it smoothly. The above pointers shall help you overcome obstacles that arise in your path.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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