As world events unfold further this week, my thoughts are on the subject of the importance of truth in these volatile times. A robust pro-truth lobby must be established and created with the power of awareness and discernment.

There is so much misinformation being circulated instilling beliefs in the minds of people which will do more harm than good.
Guru Nanak, the prophet of this age came with the strong and powerful message of TRUTH in the 15th century. His simple message was to focus on righteous living through the path of Rajyoga – a yoga discipline that consists of 3 tenets. Doing our duties honestly, living in His Conscious Presence and sharing with the less fortunate and underprivileged.

I pray that each one of us turns to the wisdom that prophets, philosophers, saints, and healers have delivered to the world from times immemorial to extract the potent and hidden messages found within.

In the spirit of service,

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Collective prayer has been known to be powerful and highly effective. I have recorded a short prayer and plea for world peace. Please share with your friends and family.

Please download the app to listen to the prayer.

In the spirit of service,

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Words seem like a burden for me right now. My heart cries in pain and sadness at the way events are unfolding this week. A prayer that I have been repeating again and again during the last couple of days is one of my favorites since I was a little girl.

asato ma sadgamaya
tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
mrtyorma amrtam gamaya
om shanti shanti shanti.

I humbly pray that the forces on the current world stage move towards the value of TRUTH, LIGHT and DISCERNMENT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.

With tears of anguish, Prerna

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Courage is derived from the French word “coeur“ meaning heart. When we are aligned with the workings of our heart by acknowledging a power that sustains us, we start walking on the path of faith, trust and fearlessness. What small step will you take this week to live courageously from the heart space?

In the spirit of service

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Each one of us is unique, beautiful, perfect and whole. We are divine representations and yet refuse to accept our loved ones and fellow beings just as they are.

During one such conversation, it pained me to learn about how teachers of a gentle artistic minded kid were comparing him to his peers. Did they recognize the harm they were doing to the child’s self esteem and uniqueness rather than acknowledging and celebrating them?

As parents, let us take the time to discover our children’s talents and harness their energies in a constructive direction. The first step in this direction is to accept one another. Love then starts to flow unconditionally.

Be the change that you’d like to witness on this planet.

With tremendous humility,

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I was speaking to a sailor friend who shared this quote with me “You cannot control the wind but can adjust your sails”

The family went through a challenge recently and I was fortunate to be a medium giving them my support. The first step they needed to take was acceptance of the breakdown. Once they accepted the challenge, they started working toward possible solutions. They did not give up and fought valiantly. The lived in the present moment and received a magical solution after a pretty bumpy ride.

Life requires both pushing forward and letting go. It is managing the tension between these polarities.

How will you adjust your sails despite the wind of turbulence being very strong?

I hope this short story inspires many of my loyal readers.

In the spirit of service,

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We find ourselves feeling happy or unhappy based on how others behave towards us. It requires rigorous training of the mind to drop all those expectations and desires that truly makes us suffer.

My practice is to consciously remind myself to be the best version of myself. I notice sadness for a few seconds and then turn my attention to how I might make a difference.

Focus on your inner growth rather than letting others dominate your well-being. I promise you an unending fountain of joy.

In the spirit of service,

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Our outside world is simply a reflection for each one of us. Please remember this and pay attention to how your words are being perceived and received by the people surrounding you. Take special care and consideration towards your loved ones. We tend to ignore our near and dear ones the most. These relationships must be nurtured and cherished the most.

I have become extra careful and sensitive to my family more than ever before and I feel so grateful to have 2 loving and kind daughters who give me honest feedback with unconditional love and care. Once I know what hurts them, I am very careful to manage my reactions and responses. Each one is a product of one’s circumstances and cultural narratives that he has been brought up in.

Letting go of that to define my relationships has been a magical journey for me. Gratitude to the two very special beings and their beautiful partners for being present in my life journey.

Hope this post inspires some of you to make small tweaks in your life path. Your experiences shall be transformative, I can assure you.

In the spirit of service with utmost humility,


This short prayer/poem was shared with me by one of my coach colleagues Stell Anderson during my time at Newfield Network Colorado USA in 2012. The powerful words of this extraordinary poem resonate deeply with my way of being.
I recite this quietly several times during the day. It brings me a great level of peace and comfort. It reminds me on a daily basis to live my life weaving surrender, trust, faith and devotion in the very fabric of my being.

To listen to the meditation I’ve created with this short poem, please download the Transformative Solutions app using the following link:

I hope it resonates with many of you as much if not more. Thank you dearest Stell.

In the spirit of service,

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As we were waiting patiently to pay at the grocery store with my daughter over the holidays, my heart went out to the lady who was clearly a trainee learning on the job. When our turn arrived after an unusually long wait, she apologized profusely trying to provide an explanation. I looked her directly in the eye and told her that it was clear to me that she was new on the job and reassured her that we must all exercise patience to help her learn during these challenging times where every second person is down with the omicron variant. The look of love and gratitude that I received back was precious and priceless. I had clearly made her day. These experiences inspire me on a daily basis to become a better version of myself each day.
The kindness that we give out to others makes us feel good. Is this not enough incentive for many of us to practice gentleness of spirit? What will you resolve to practice with relentless grit and rigor this week? Please comment below or message me directly as many of you already do.

In the spirit of service
Prerna 👏

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