Inflation and the cost of living crisis around the world has put tremendous pressure and challenges in the lives of many. Yet, Christmas sales, promotions and advertisements have been bombarding our senses every minute of the day since early November this year.
The media has been sending out messages of a perfect Christmas meal, an enormous Christmas tree with big expensive presents below. The pressure of a perfect Christmas puts many in a state of anxiety, worry and panic.
The holidays are about love, care, kindness, and giving the best that each one has based on his circumstances. Let us remind ourselves of this running up to Christmas and create a sense of well being, joy and happiness for ourselves as well as our loved ones.

Happy Holiday season!
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I was blown away with a realization that I had during a coaching conversation. I was explaining to a client about the negativity bias of the brain, the concept of Velcro-ing the positive and Teflon-ing the negative as a practice. I went on further to explain the good news about the neuroplastic nature of the brain. We are able to transform and reshape/rewrite our wiring until the very last second of our earthly journey.

The enormity of the Powerful Creator/Universe, depending on how you approach the concept, suddenly hit me. We have an infinite number of possibilities every moment, which gives us the ability to make powerful choices. Grace is shining down upon each one of us every second of the day. What choices are we exercising in order to tap into the power of Divine Grace?

I was so shaken up by the experience and was humbled with awe and wonder as always.
Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American readers. May your homes be blessed with enough.

With wonder for you to ponder upon.
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Being an empath can be quite exhausting. An empath is always concerned about other people’s needs and dignity and in doing so can rob themselves of their own dignity and self worth.

An empath can be formed as a result of life circumstances that forced them to become this way due to the peace getting disrupted. It is an acquired trait of survival. As a result the empath can find themselves surrounded by people who deplete them. They may then get frustrated and angry due to the judgments and grudges harbored within. And then immediately feel bad about this.
The circle of ups and downs continues in their lives.

Lessons to be learnt:
Give yourselves the dignity and self worth before saving the world.
When anger overcomes, stop and assess.
Set boundaries
Peace must be the net result at all times

Once a being learns to do these, they start walking on water.

In the spirit of service.
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We had a disagreement over a matter on our weekly family call. I was grateful that all the stakeholders handled this breakdown maturely. What we agreed in the end was that this is the basis of us having an open, loving, respectful and honest bond that holds us together. Each one walked away with his individual learnings and pledged to do better going ahead.
Are we curious enough to understand the other? Are we able to challenge our default patterns which sabotage us again and again. Recognize yours and start changing bit by bit. The fruits that you shall reap will be worth the hard work, investment and effort.

Humbly with love
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Effective communication, active listening, and powerful conversations are rarely practiced as per my experiences in holding inter-cultural diversity trainings with organizations over the years. This permeates in our interpersonal relationships too. I was given the privilege to dissect a misunderstanding where one party did not understand the other despite efforts to deliver clear communication. The party confessed that they were blocked due to their cultural narratives and unawareness around the situation. The parties were able to resolve the situation and the friendship and cooperation continued due to the intellectual and emotional maturity of those involved.

What narratives are stopping you from experiencing the magic and bliss of life? Ponder, reflect, and make the necessary tweaks my dearest treasures.

Blessings in humility
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I was told of being stubborn over an issue where I thought I was being loving, kind, caring and generous with my resources. Upon reflection and a conversation with a very dear friend about this, she brought to my kind attention her perspective which made total sense. I, in my blind narrow tunnel vision had overlooked this perspective completely. How often do we go through life overlooking others‘ perspective? What possibilities do we deprive ourselves of as a result?
Ask yourself this question today. Reflect, journal, take appropriate actions and move forward. I always reflect upon what the other is telling me, discuss openly and curiously to understand the complexities of life and relationships. I call myself “work in progress”

Humbly in the spirit of service.
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As a follow up to last week’s post – walking the path of Awareness and Conscious Presence brings its challenges in the form of difficult situations that force us to go into feelings of despair, despondency, frustration and helplessness. The mind, due to its tricky nature, casts its veil of fogginess to trap the being in its deceiving net. At times like these, the practice of surrender and discernment are useful tools to apply. We must remind ourselves that this is Consciousness posing itself in our path for us to grow and learn to choose virtue over vice.

The freedom and space experienced upon overcoming these difficult situations shall be evidence of one’s progress.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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Have we asked ourselves why we are given the gift of life? In my humble opinion, we receive this body as a tool to elevate ourselves in the evolutionary pyramid. We are given family, friends, circumstances and events that help us make wholesome, wholehearted, and wise choices. Are we exercising this choice? If so, our lives must reflect the quality of relationships we are able to enjoy. Our outer worlds must reflect our inner way of being without incongruence.
The mind by its very nature is out to deceive and take us down a rabbit hole. The tool of awareness helps us stay conscious and awakened Let us all spend a few moments to learn from our past mistakes and rectify one day at a time. Small changes on a daily basis can lead to huge transformation.
Life offers us choices to make every moment. How are we exercising the free will given to us to help ourselves climb the ladder?

Humbly in the spirit of service and inspiration
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I was deeply inspired by a story I heard about a family that has never entered into arguments to date. I was in awe and wonder as to how this could possibly be true. Upon thinking further, I came up with a list of ingredients each one of us must actively practice in order to have peace and calm in one’s life.
I believe that there is a high need of acceptance, respect, mutual care, openness, kindness of spirit and absolutely zero tolerance for expectations to creep into our relationships. One practice that we follow as a family unit is to never bring up past grievances. We learn from them, have a conversation to voice our disagreements and bury it right after. I cannot emphasize how well this one practice serves us.
Let each one of us strive to live in peace and harmony practicing the above qualities consciously. We can then extend this further into our social circles.

Humbly with love and care
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On one of my recent travels, I had the privilege of encountering an American lady sponsoring 2 Ukrainians, a young orphan mother and her son (a cute little trooper full of bounce). She went through the formalities with patience, grit and faith crossing one hurdle after another until they got on the flight. In the passport control line, I complimented the grit, determination and faith that she displayed. The chain reaction this created in our surrounding circle was inspiring to witness. The conscious gratitude and joy that each one of us felt was clearly visible. Being grateful with words of gratitude and appreciation releases oxytocin within us, which makes us happy.
Spread the joy and bring these moments of happiness every minute and your life shall be transformed. Join me in creating magic on this planet.

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