I recall having this desire on my spiritual journey to be able to see each one as a manifestation of the Divine. A story of an Indian saint Namdev Ji was my measure that I was striving to attain. The experiences I encountered were sometimes so difficult And I remember struggling. However, I continued striving and learning to stay as a witness observer practicing detachment. The human vessel clearly needed preparation in order for me to authentically experience this feeling.
I can now honestly share that I rejoice every time I notice a struggle or challenge in my journey. I thank the Universe for me to be able to see His Will and role that each one brings to the tapestry of this human vessel that I am in currently. I have created my heaven on earth and inspire those to join me on this journey.
It is possible to create your own heaven on earth. Keep walking one step at a time, you are being sculpted to become your best version. And rejoice!
Love and light
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Speaking to so many on a daily basis, I am privy to the various anxieties and fears that inhabit most of us.

This can make us feel vulnerable and weak and teaches us to tap into the reservoir of strength, faith, experience, and confidence that I am enough.

Tap into the Primal Power that you are and notice the Wisdom shining brightly to help you navigate the turbulence that life brings. Be patient and kind to yourself at all times.

Blessings for an amazing journey ahead
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I recently learnt of a practice that was followed in the early 20th century in the Hungarian countryside. Kids were given time out for bad behavior by making them kneel on individual corn kernels as punishment.

While this practice is outdated and has not continued to this day, this was an interesting analogy to a technique that I practice. When my mind starts attacking me with nonsensical jargon, I send her to a corner to reconsider her strategy and allow her to return only when she has made peace.

“We are what we practice”, many of you have heard me say tirelessly. Keep practicing with rigor. The mind chatter slows down eventually and you can take ownership of your divine home (the gift of our bodies) by enhancing awareness of thoughts, words and deeds.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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I was reading an article about how important the role of right food plays in our well being. The soil of the foods we buy must be nutrient rich to allow our bodies to receive the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the body needs to keep it well functioning.

My thoughts went out to our spiritual ecosystem. We have within us a perfect grassland that requires nurturing, care and support. Unfortunately, our farmland gets depleted if we do not use the tools given to us in the self sufficient and self contained grassland of the body. We rob our soil of its nutrients when we hold unresolved anger, trauma, negativity, resentment, and envy to name a few.

My go to practice every morning as I wake up is to connect to the Power within that is bigger than me. This grounded practice brings connectivity and instantly results in peace and calm to start my day with smiling gratitude.

Hope this post inspires some of you to incorporate some form of groundedness in your ways of being.

In the spirit of service
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I was taught as a young girl by my spiritual teachers that attachment is one of the five vices a human must transcend. This quote that I came across struck a chord within me and my thoughts have been on our attachments for actions of the other. We constantly transport ourselves to a state of being victim. We refuse to accept situations as they are and are fighting our minds many times. This is an invitation to reflect on the words by Shane Steele and apply some of the wisdom in your lives.
“May your desire for peace be stronger than the attachments towards persons who are clearly not good for you. May you choose to stay with the truth even when it doesn’t align with what you wanted to see”.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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Dearest Treasures,

Let not the concept of happiness elude you.

I posted a story one day a few weeks ago with the caption “happiness is the way my dears.” The caption generated a lot of interest on social media. I said to some that my go to practice for more than 15 years has been getting into “witness seat” and observing my condition from the outside.

The mind by its nature will take us into spaces of disorientation and out of alignment on some days. I step up my practices even further on those days. I exercise more, take a long walk, do a restorative yin yoga practice, read extensively, contemplate the wisdom of the scriptures, listen to uplifting music, and know that this condition shall pass over.

Even before I consciously realize it, the states of doubt and delusion come to an end due to the rigor of these practices. My choice is to stay peaceful and patient while bringing in contentment actively. Life is an excellent opportunity to cleanse ourselves and reduce the karmic footprint with which we come to planet earth.

I hope this post inspires, guides, and serves some of you.

Humbly in the spirit of service,
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A very dear friend and client asked me to repeat a practice given to her in 2018 that helped her move the veil of illusion when she was going through a significant challenge in her journey. This inspired me to make a humble attempt to use the language and explain this concept to a wider audience.

When I live life from doubts, dualities, intellectual interpretations, and attachments, which lead to pain and suffering, I must understand that I am living from the shadow dimension of reality and consciousness. The moment I let go of these lower energies, I immediately tap into clarity, detachment, joy, bliss, and acceptance of the present moment, whether it is good or bad.

Feel the experience of the Power residing within yourselves if you wish to experience your true nature.

In the spirit of service
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I read a book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson over the holidays at the recommendation of my daughter. The book is a memoir about an American attorney who helps disadvantaged and marginalized clients receive mercy and justice for crimes that they did not commit. The book has had a profound effect on me and I draw some parallels in this short post. We come on planet earth with our karmic patterns from several lifetimes. Many times we are unable to understand our behavior patterns and reactions. The importance of connecting to Conscious Presence with awareness helps us tap into a dimension where one asks for Mercy and Grace to be showered down. This requires a belief and faith. It also requires an understanding that we are imperfect aspiring towards perfection to the best of our abilities.
Hope this inspires some of us to walk the path of understanding, belief and faith. We are a microcosm in a macrocosm of Divine Consciousness.

Humbly, very very humbly
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Manipulation is practiced consciously as well as unconsciously in relationships. I notice manipulation in the name of spirituality as well. I however understand these as opportunities for growth and transformation. The reactions that are evoked within me as a result of an action by the other help me use my discerning intellect. I observe the judgement, annoyance or irritation within myself and work on transforming these into a state of purity, kindness, compassion, understanding and love towards the other being.Hope this short post helps some of you in your journeys. Keep up your dignity and self care practices. Refrain from exploiting the other if you are in a position to do so, staying humble always. Treat each one as you would like to be treated. #dignity #selfcare #transformation #purity #kindness #compassion #love #transformativesolutions #stopmanipulation #saturday

In the spirit of service


It has been a week of mixed emotions. Some exhilarating moments, some moments of fatigue, heaviness and facing the grey, dreary month of January. Some days felt as if I was carrying a ton of weight on my shoulders.

Upon reflection this morning as I was preparing to write out this post, I questioned and reflected on the week. Upon self examination, I recognized some attachment to outcomes in the body and mind. These felt like stones that were not allowing me to float freely (a feeling that I enjoy a lot).

What are the stones that are coming in your way of experiencing freedom. Recognize, shed the heaviness, and memorize the lightness that you experience.

Let this become your reference point going forward.

Humbly in the spirit of service, Prerna #stoneware #saturdaymorning #lightnessofbeing #transformation #transformativesolutions #haveablessedday