As I was waiting patiently to cross the street one afternoon during my after lunch walks, the driver kindly stopped to let me go even though it was not a zebra crossing. My first thought and response was of tremendous gratitude and joy to experience this gesture by a kind human. I reflected on how we are overjoyed when we have no expectations. A few seconds later, a driver drove past a pedestrian crossing paying no attention to the pedestrians waiting to cross over. He was clearly clueless and driving unconsciously. The loud and clear message for me that afternoon was to completely let go of expectations. Each one is on his individual journey and gives us tremendous opportunities to grow. The other is a direct mirror reflection which we need. Expectations creep in unconscious ways if one is not aware enough. This leads to internal turbulence which is quite yucky to witness. Stay free of expectations, accept every moment as it’s manifesting to experience joy and bliss. Start becoming more aware of what expectations remain unfulfilled and befriend those emotions without resistance.

In the spirit of service,


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