I woke up to this message from a very dear being one beautiful morning. “Real is rare! False is everywhere”! As I was pondering upon why this resonated deeply within my being, I concluded that there is a large disconnect between our inner and outer world. In our race to prove ourselves, we have forgotten the importance of honesty and authenticity. We speak untruthfully and are not congruent with ourselves. We compete, we want to show others how great we are. We give ourselves way too much importance when we are actually suffering inside. As a result, our souls are being depleted at a rapid pace.

It’s time to start being honest with ourselves. This is a golden era to transform. We have technology at our fingertips that gives us access to an abundance of ancient wisdom. Tap into yourselves and begin your journey of transformation to experience the bliss and peace that you are.

With love and care,


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