This short prayer/poem was shared with me by one of my coach colleagues Stell Anderson during my time at Newfield Network Colorado USA in 2012. The powerful words of this extraordinary poem resonate deeply with my way of being.
I recite this quietly several times during the day. It brings me a great level of peace and comfort. It reminds me on a daily basis to live my life weaving surrender, trust, faith and devotion in the very fabric of my being.

To listen to the meditation I’ve created with this short poem, please download the Transformative Solutions app using the following link: https://transformativesolutions.eu/transformative-solutions-application/

I hope it resonates with many of you as much if not more. Thank you dearest Stell.

In the spirit of service,

#prayer #peace #comfort #surrender #trust #faith #devotion #transformativesolutions #fridaynight #namaste

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