Our outside world is simply a reflection for each one of us. Please remember this and pay attention to how your words are being perceived and received by the people surrounding you. Take special care and consideration towards your loved ones. We tend to ignore our near and dear ones the most. These relationships must be nurtured and cherished the most.

I have become extra careful and sensitive to my family more than ever before and I feel so grateful to have 2 loving and kind daughters who give me honest feedback with unconditional love and care. Once I know what hurts them, I am very careful to manage my reactions and responses. Each one is a product of one’s circumstances and cultural narratives that he has been brought up in.

Letting go of that to define my relationships has been a magical journey for me. Gratitude to the two very special beings and their beautiful partners for being present in my life journey.

Hope this post inspires some of you to make small tweaks in your life path. Your experiences shall be transformative, I can assure you.

In the spirit of service with utmost humility,

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