I was speaking to a sailor friend who shared this quote with me “You cannot control the wind but can adjust your sails”

The family went through a challenge recently and I was fortunate to be a medium giving them my support. The first step they needed to take was acceptance of the breakdown. Once they accepted the challenge, they started working toward possible solutions. They did not give up and fought valiantly. The lived in the present moment and received a magical solution after a pretty bumpy ride.

Life requires both pushing forward and letting go. It is managing the tension between these polarities.

How will you adjust your sails despite the wind of turbulence being very strong?

I hope this short story inspires many of my loyal readers.

In the spirit of service,

#strongwinds #adjustyoursails #turbulence #innerstrength #resilience #managingtension #transformativesolutions #saturdayvibes #humilty #service #namaste

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