We get disappointed, frustrated and sad when our value systems are not met with by those in our circles especially those who are very near to us. This leads to internal stress which turns into chronic disease. Let me point you towards the wisdom that asks us to stay pretty like a lotus flower amidst the mud deriving strength from the muddy waters. It seems difficult and challenging to do so at the time. Does it not?
The work is to bring this understanding within our conscious selves to be completely comfortable and accepting in the way each one shows up. This being has been strategically placed in our path. We must recognize that this is a way for us to bow to Life with reverence and grow as a result of the breakdown.
Thus, we can now understand how we see each one as a unique representation of the Light. We eliminate hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, judgement and so many unwholesome emotions from our lives. Peace can be experienced at a visceral level with the help of moving from understanding to practicing with determination and rigor.

Humbly in the spirit of service
Prerna #lotus #lotusflower #transformation #transformativesolutions #peace #bliss #saturdayvibes #humilityiskey #service

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