My goal is to be the best version of an ideal mama to my kids, to the several beings who call me their mother on this planet, as well as the beings that I’m given the privilege and opportunity to serve. May I be supported on this journey.
I was deeply inspired by a beautiful story that I stumbled upon. A sandalwood tree when living spreads no fragrance. Once cut, it’s fragrance is divine and magical and happens to be one of my favorite scents.
A mother too keeps her sense of self well-preserved and protected, living with dignity. She gives ceaselessly, unconditionally without discrimination spreading her fragrance silently leaving a beautiful legacy behind.
Hope this inspires some on your journeys. #dignity #grace #unconditionallove #humility #loveissupreme #sandalwoodfragrance #divine #transformativesolutions #saturdaymood #weekendpost

With tremendous humility and love

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