Today, let us explore what the relationship is between these two polarities. Fear is a very useful emotion. However, we do not always have a clear understanding of how to manage this emotion. I experience the importance of fear to navigate my life. I must fear of the consequences of my thoughts, words and deeds. If not, I shall be foolishly fearless on the surface while actually feeling quite vulnerable and insecure. Once I begin to walk the path of heightened awareness, bringing the virtues within myself consciously, I face fearlessness. I shall live with the virtues of right conduct and be ferociously fearless.
Tap into this space. Live life with love, patience, tolerance, kindness, non-judgment, forgiveness, truth, gratitude, contentment, acceptance and fly on the wings of peace and bliss 24/7.

Humbly in the spirit of service.
Prerna #fear #necessaryevil #ferociousfearlessness #love #patience #kindness #tolerance #forgiveness #nonjudgement #peacefullife #bliss#truth #gratitude #contentment #humility #highest#virtue

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