I believe myself to be a detached being. A new layer of the onion was recently peeled away when I got caught up in the web of attachment. The Universe very benevolently nudged me to contemplate and look for the reason of uneasiness within me. Upon honest inquiry and contemplation, it seemed so straightforward and quite interesting to witness. I was becoming possessive, an unhealthy way of being. I took stock and reset my way of being immediately.

I observed my thoughts and emotions immediately. The body whispers to each one if we care to listen. Once I observed from the outside, I was already quite detached. I could then start reasoning without identification. The worm was bubbling inside me due to the uneasiness. I refused to engage with the unpleasantness and instead sat with the feeling, continuing my life as usual. I have found that the insights and aha’s, along with the learnings, unfold at their own pace and timeframe. My agenda is to simply observe, witness, and reflect. Once the lessons are learnt, I set up my strategies and goals for the future.

Hope I have given you concrete steps to deal with challenging situations.

Humbly in the spirit of service.
Prerna #attachment #suffering #observe #ontologicalcoaching #transformation #learndetachtranscend #saturdayworkout #mentalhealthawareness #transformativesolutions #haveawondrousweek

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