As a follow up to last week’s post – walking the path of Awareness and Conscious Presence brings its challenges in the form of difficult situations that force us to go into feelings of despair, despondency, frustration and helplessness. The mind, due to its tricky nature, casts its veil of fogginess to trap the being in its deceiving net. At times like these, the practice of surrender and discernment are useful tools to apply. We must remind ourselves that this is Consciousness posing itself in our path for us to grow and learn to choose virtue over vice.

The freedom and space experienced upon overcoming these difficult situations shall be evidence of one’s progress.

Humbly in the spirit of service
Prerna #choice #surrender #discernment #awareness #consciouspresence #consciousness #veilofillusion #maya #transformativesolutions #saturdayvibes

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