Have we asked ourselves why we are given the gift of life? In my humble opinion, we receive this body as a tool to elevate ourselves in the evolutionary pyramid. We are given family, friends, circumstances and events that help us make wholesome, wholehearted, and wise choices. Are we exercising this choice? If so, our lives must reflect the quality of relationships we are able to enjoy. Our outer worlds must reflect our inner way of being without incongruence.
The mind by its very nature is out to deceive and take us down a rabbit hole. The tool of awareness helps us stay conscious and awakened Let us all spend a few moments to learn from our past mistakes and rectify one day at a time. Small changes on a daily basis can lead to huge transformation.
Life offers us choices to make every moment. How are we exercising the free will given to us to help ourselves climb the ladder?

Humbly in the spirit of service and inspiration
Prerna #climbing #elevate #bodymagic #choices #healthy #wholesome #wise #wholeheartedliving #saturday #transformativesolutions #humility #inspiration #namaste

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