Being an empath can be quite exhausting. An empath is always concerned about other people’s needs and dignity and in doing so can rob themselves of their own dignity and self worth.

An empath can be formed as a result of life circumstances that forced them to become this way due to the peace getting disrupted. It is an acquired trait of survival. As a result the empath can find themselves surrounded by people who deplete them. They may then get frustrated and angry due to the judgments and grudges harbored within. And then immediately feel bad about this.
The circle of ups and downs continues in their lives.

Lessons to be learnt:
Give yourselves the dignity and self worth before saving the world.
When anger overcomes, stop and assess.
Set boundaries
Peace must be the net result at all times

Once a being learns to do these, they start walking on water.

In the spirit of service.
Prerna #boundaries #empath #peace #bliss #joy #dignity #saturdaymorning #transformativesolutions #blessings #namaste

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