I was blown away with a realization that I had during a coaching conversation. I was explaining to a client about the negativity bias of the brain, the concept of Velcro-ing the positive and Teflon-ing the negative as a practice. I went on further to explain the good news about the neuroplastic nature of the brain. We are able to transform and reshape/rewrite our wiring until the very last second of our earthly journey.

The enormity of the Powerful Creator/Universe, depending on how you approach the concept, suddenly hit me. We have an infinite number of possibilities every moment, which gives us the ability to make powerful choices. Grace is shining down upon each one of us every second of the day. What choices are we exercising in order to tap into the power of Divine Grace?

I was so shaken up by the experience and was humbled with awe and wonder as always.
Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American readers. May your homes be blessed with enough.

With wonder for you to ponder upon.
Prerna 🙏#neuroscience #neuroplasticity #choices #brainhealth #rewire #grace #divinity #thanksgivingweekend #thanksgiving

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