During a conversation with a client recently, he mentioned how his mind can be his biggest enemy. He lives a mindful, conscientious life, and often comes across people who he believes live life without a thought and care. I gave him a reflection on how grateful he could be to exhibit the sensitivities that he possesses and he began to appreciate and value this due to the mindset shift that I shared with him.
Those of us who live life sensitively often find ourselves getting hurt very easily. We cannot understand how the other is insensitive and uncaring compared to ourselves. What we must consciously remind ourselves when this happens is that this person has appeared in our journey to help us move past our inflated sense of self. We are being guided towards wearing the robe of humility with deep felt gratitude at being blessed with a kind and caring way of being. I assure you that the judgement, anger and tension will rapidly dissipate.
Finally, each one defines sensitivity based on their own truths and values. Let there be no judgement towards anyone is what I remind myself constantly.

In the spirit of service
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