My dearest precious treasures,

I almost forgot to post from a mini vacation with my little princess who’s visiting me after a grueling semester at law school.
I exercise tremendous love and care looking for gifts that will be of value for my loved ones. I decided to gift my little one a spa vacation for the holidays this year at a Moroccan-inspired hotel in the Hungarian countryside. I checked it out reading the reviews and the usual drill one indulges in during these high tech days that we are living. I put no effort in building up imaginations of how the place would be. Upon arrival, we were impressed at the facility, their services and the entire experience which served the purpose of my gift quite sweetly.
Once again, I recognized how important it is to have very little expectations. We must put in effort and then let go of the results. This is the secret of a well lived, happy life. Let’s strive to live in the present moment, planning what we absolutely must and letting go of how our efforts yield fruit.

Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of service
Prerna #holidayseason #christmastree #christmaswishes #expectations #lowerexpectations #gratitude #appreciative #presentmoment #saturdaymotivation #lights #humility

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