I am often asked about the purpose of this human life.

My very humble understanding is that we are required to eliminate our karmic residue by constantly turning vice into virtue. How might we translate this into our everyday life would be the next logical question.

Wisdom points me to keep a spiritual understanding as the primary focus in my life path.
We are sometimes horrified at the actions that some perform, which we can understand as the other giving us what they have nurtured in their lives. If deceit is another person’s way of having an upper hand, they might think that they are smart and clever. What they may not understand is that they are deceiving none other than themselves. I always remind myself of this.

What then must we do? We must keep our focus on the wisdom and turn the negatives into positives within ourselves. This is the Divine way of how we are actually being turned into gold, slowly but surely, and these experiences will become a rejoicing process.

Humbly in the spirit of service – Prerna #humility #service #cultivatevirtues #gold #rejoicing #goodbye2022 #welcome2023 #transformativesolutions #saturdaymotivation #namaste #respect

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