I maintained a gratitude journal for years until it became a deeply ingrained habit. Every minute is spent in the attitude of “wow this” “wow that”. I have trained myself to appreciate even the most minuscule of happenings during my day and live in joy and bliss each moment.

My joy knew no bounds when my lovely daughters started a gratitude channel for our family of 3. Each one is required to post at least one entry per day. We could also post several entries on any given day as well.

I am sharing this to inspire and motivate some of you who might wish to form small groups within your communities to express gratitude on a regular basis. It can be for the most trivial reasons like a lovely cuppa tea, a hot shower, a comfortable bed, and heated homes. The list is endless.

Gratitude keeps me in good shape and I’d like to share the gratitude movement with each one of you in 2023.

I humbly seek your blessings
Prerna #gratitude #movement #2023
#transformativesolutions #gratitudechannel #gratitudechallenge

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