I read a book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson over the holidays at the recommendation of my daughter. The book is a memoir about an American attorney who helps disadvantaged and marginalized clients receive mercy and justice for crimes that they did not commit. The book has had a profound effect on me and I draw some parallels in this short post. We come on planet earth with our karmic patterns from several lifetimes. Many times we are unable to understand our behavior patterns and reactions. The importance of connecting to Conscious Presence with awareness helps us tap into a dimension where one asks for Mercy and Grace to be showered down. This requires a belief and faith. It also requires an understanding that we are imperfect aspiring towards perfection to the best of our abilities.
Hope this inspires some of us to walk the path of understanding, belief and faith. We are a microcosm in a macrocosm of Divine Consciousness.

Humbly, very very humbly
Prerna #justmercy #grace #consciousness #bryanstevenson #gratitude #faith #saturdaymusings #transformation #transformativesolutions #blessings

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