A very dear friend and client asked me to repeat a practice given to her in 2018 that helped her move the veil of illusion when she was going through a significant challenge in her journey. This inspired me to make a humble attempt to use the language and explain this concept to a wider audience.

When I live life from doubts, dualities, intellectual interpretations, and attachments, which lead to pain and suffering, I must understand that I am living from the shadow dimension of reality and consciousness. The moment I let go of these lower energies, I immediately tap into clarity, detachment, joy, bliss, and acceptance of the present moment, whether it is good or bad.

Feel the experience of the Power residing within yourselves if you wish to experience your true nature.

In the spirit of service
Prerna #veil #illusion #doubt #duality #love #clarity #joy #bliss #care #compassion #acceptance #detachment #transformativesolutions #saturdayvibes #namaste

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