Dearest Treasures,

Let not the concept of happiness elude you.

I posted a story one day a few weeks ago with the caption “happiness is the way my dears.” The caption generated a lot of interest on social media. I said to some that my go to practice for more than 15 years has been getting into “witness seat” and observing my condition from the outside.

The mind by its nature will take us into spaces of disorientation and out of alignment on some days. I step up my practices even further on those days. I exercise more, take a long walk, do a restorative yin yoga practice, read extensively, contemplate the wisdom of the scriptures, listen to uplifting music, and know that this condition shall pass over.

Even before I consciously realize it, the states of doubt and delusion come to an end due to the rigor of these practices. My choice is to stay peaceful and patient while bringing in contentment actively. Life is an excellent opportunity to cleanse ourselves and reduce the karmic footprint with which we come to planet earth.

I hope this post inspires, guides, and serves some of you.

Humbly in the spirit of service,
Prerna #witness #observer #practicepracticepractice #contentment #rigor #transformation #transformativesolutions #saturday #weekendvibes #namaste

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