I recall having this desire on my spiritual journey to be able to see each one as a manifestation of the Divine. A story of an Indian saint Namdev Ji was my measure that I was striving to attain. The experiences I encountered were sometimes so difficult And I remember struggling. However, I continued striving and learning to stay as a witness observer practicing detachment. The human vessel clearly needed preparation in order for me to authentically experience this feeling.
I can now honestly share that I rejoice every time I notice a struggle or challenge in my journey. I thank the Universe for me to be able to see His Will and role that each one brings to the tapestry of this human vessel that I am in currently. I have created my heaven on earth and inspire those to join me on this journey.
It is possible to create your own heaven on earth. Keep walking one step at a time, you are being sculpted to become your best version. And rejoice!
Love and light
Prerna #heaven #earth #witness #detachment #onestepatatime #rejoicing #transformativesolutions #saturday #blessings #service #humility

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