Coaching is one of the most amazing professions that I have known. It helps the client to tap into their own wisdom with attentive listening and conscious presence by the coach. Each one has a ton of wisdom, resourcefulness and the ability to tap into their intuition. A coach simply brings that to the surface and forefront of coaching conversations.

One of the most important ingredients that a coach must possess is the ability to be completely non judgmental. I always start with a simple greeting of namaste, which translates this very essence. It involves respect and unconditional care towards the other.

I can honestly assert that over the last 14 years that I have been coaching, magic unfolds during each session. One such conversation blew me away when the client recognized his need to stop judging others on a conscious level which in turn helped him stop judging himself, and be more accepting and kinder to himself.

Let us all reflect on our relationships with judgement and how we can be kinder to ourselves.

In the spirit of service
Prerna #respect #trust #nonjudgement #kindness #selfcare #saturdayvibes #transformation #transformativesolutions #weekend

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