Dearest Treasures,

Hope you’re having a good week.

The underlying practice that I have observed this week is to stand as a rigorous guard at the door of my thoughts. Every time an unwholesome or toxic thought appeared at my doorstep, I observed, gave myself permission to feel that way, rather than being horrified and dismal. I consciously learnt from every experience and event choosing a place of wholesome responses bringing myself to a place of my Buddha nature. This is a place of unconditional love, acceptance, detachment, tolerance, kindness, and care. Each one carries an inherent Buddha Nature within themselves. Conscious awareness and robust practices help to stay in congruence with the powerful vibrations that one is designed to experience.

Tap into that energetic frequency and notice every cell of your body coming alive and vibrant. Notice the power that you feel and the confidence with which you carry out your daily tasks. As an extra, please be mindful of what your senses take in.

Humbly in the spirit of service,
Prerna #awareness #buddhanature #detachment #kindness #robust #love #transformation #transformativesolutions #saturday #weekendspecial #humbly

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