Several discussions this week have been on the subject of detachment and distancing oneself from everyday problems. One technique that I often share is big bird sitting on the topmost branch of a tree observing little birdie on the lower branch. Once we separate ourselves from a stressful situation, this interrupts old default patterns that are deeply embedded in our psyche. I suggest taking a short walk round the block observing little birdie from above. The old patterns start dislodging slowly but surely once we learn to hit the pause button. We then create powerful destinies with the practice of awareness, attention and mindful discernment. The Wisdom must shine through when one sincerely follows the path.
As a footnote, please remember that negative stressful emotions stay in the blood stream for over 4 hours. Disease, and auto immune disorders are a result of repetitive chronic stress.
Choose your states of being with rigor and practice as if there’s no tomorrow.

Humbly in the spirit of service
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