Dearest Treasures

Hope you are thriving and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Each one of us comes with a specific number of units to consume everyday. Some of us deplete our resources quite quickly while some of us know how to conserve and keep our energy levels at an optimum level.

Let us become aware of the practices, persons and situations that deplete us and those that fill our containers. Once we have these distinctions, we shall know how to keep ourselves going at high efficiency and performance levels.

Start by becoming curious, open and aware of your surroundings. Stay as a conscious observer of every phenomena happening around you. Each experience is here to teach and prepare us for some new delight. Open up yourselves to label nothing, judge nobody and accept each one as your most valuable teacher and lesson. The equanimity and peace that you shall experience shall surpass common understanding.

Humbly in the sprit of service.
Prerna #humility #nonjudgement #acceptance #blessings #love #peace #equanimity #satisfying #transformation #transformativesolutions #saturdaymusings #namaste

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