From the Ancient Texts to Ontological Coaching


I’m sharing this with my readers. The text was downloaded in one of my quiet contemplative moments a few years ago.

This sums up beautifully the work that I do with my clients. Please feel free to ask for a 30 minute conversation free of charge if this is of interest.
The Maha Mritunjaya Mantra from the Upanishads.

A mantra that I often recite and contemplate on. I translate this as per my understanding.

Om triyambakam yajamahe

I bow to Lord Shiva, the one with the open third eye.
Meaning the awakened one

Sugandhim push ti vardhanam

May my virtues grow from more to more.
This can be done by starting to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We all have these within us, all we must do is unlock them.

Uravarukameva bandhana

May I be freed from my bondages which I understand to be in the following way.
May I be released from the genetic bondages from this life and past lives, the stories, habits, beliefs that chain us down.

Mrityo mokshiya mamratat

May I be freed from this cycle of evolution and achieve immortality. From death to the Life Eternal.

My personal experience repeating this mantra has been powerful, I have mindfully observed my monkey mind, the demons that attack each one of us and treated each of these so called negative emotions with love, dignity and compassion. Not resisting these but simply honoring them as a welcome guest and working these through. Then just like the ripened fruit or vegetable falls off the branch when it is ready, similarly we are freed from our old stories, beliefs and genetic history that is locked in our DNA. if the fruit stays on the branch after it is ripe, it simply rots. Do we wish to live with rotten patterns that have never served us?

I leave you with this question and encourage you to start a dialogue.

With humility

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