My thoughts have been going out again and again to the Ganesha festival being celebrated widely over many parts of India and the world. What seems to be the reason why we have so many festivals in India? What might be expected from us?
The purpose of these festivals is to create habit patterns over a period of 10 days which we must continue through the year. Do we do so? Are we balanced and integrated in the domain of our thoughts, words and deeds?
I got upset at a co-shopper at the local farmers market when I was wrongly accused by her. I stood up to defend myself angrily. Upon reflection, I failed that day miserably. I needed to be kinder and spent the entire day reflecting on how I could do better. Might we pledge to live with an enhanced state of awareness and grow with every experience to make this year a special year of transformation?
This to me seems to be the true essence of invoking the spirit of Ganesha into our lives.

With love and care
Prerna #kindnessfirst #consciousliving #awareness #ganeshchaturthi #idolworship #futility #saturdaymusings #transformativesolutions #sensoryintegration

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