My dearest readers,

My first spiritual teacher taught me the concept of being humble as a blade of grass. As a young girl, I did not understand the wisdom in a robust manner. I mistook this to be living without dignity to self. My humility and kindness often was misunderstood as a sign of weakness. I’ve spent the last 13 years fine tuning this concept.

My ultimate desire on the path of awareness is to live with a super healthy sense of the ego. I am humbly walking the path and learning from what life gives me on a daily basis. I am certain that the Universe is conspiring its wisdom as always.

My understanding of being a better manager of the ego is when the idea of the self gets upset when life throws a curve ball in my direction. Do I practice acceptance when happenings unfold at their own pace and timing and are out of my choice? On the other hand, am I becoming a victim of unhealthy pride when life is treating me well? The ability to hold these polarities with equanimity seems to be the answer to having a healthy sense of self.

Every time I become attached to my thoughts and emotions that predispose my behavior and actions, I am slipping into a trap designed to imprison me. This robs me of the joy, bliss and peace that I experience when I am living out of awakened awareness.

Hope this post gives you some pointers to stay on the path of a healthy wholesome sense of humility.

In the spirit of service,
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