On one of my recent travels, I had the privilege of encountering an American lady sponsoring 2 Ukrainians, a young orphan mother and her son (a cute little trooper full of bounce). She went through the formalities with patience, grit and faith crossing one hurdle after another until they got on the flight. In the passport control line, I complimented the grit, determination and faith that she displayed. The chain reaction this created in our surrounding circle was inspiring to witness. The conscious gratitude and joy that each one of us felt was clearly visible. Being grateful with words of gratitude and appreciation releases oxytocin within us, which makes us happy.
Spread the joy and bring these moments of happiness every minute and your life shall be transformed. Join me in creating magic on this planet.

Prerna #spreadingjoy #oxytocinboosting #oxytocin #chainreaction #snowballpower #creatingmagic #namaste #humility #transformativesolutions #saturdaymood #blessedweekend

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