I was deeply inspired by a story I heard about a family that has never entered into arguments to date. I was in awe and wonder as to how this could possibly be true. Upon thinking further, I came up with a list of ingredients each one of us must actively practice in order to have peace and calm in one’s life.
I believe that there is a high need of acceptance, respect, mutual care, openness, kindness of spirit and absolutely zero tolerance for expectations to creep into our relationships. One practice that we follow as a family unit is to never bring up past grievances. We learn from them, have a conversation to voice our disagreements and bury it right after. I cannot emphasize how well this one practice serves us.
Let each one of us strive to live in peace and harmony practicing the above qualities consciously. We can then extend this further into our social circles.

Humbly with love and care
Prerna #stressfree #peace #respect #expectations #openness #kindness #care #saturdayworkout #transformativesolutions #humility #zerotolerance #mindworkout

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