Are we in control or not in control?


‘I remember working with a client a few years ago who believed that if she transformed her way of being by becoming a better observer, let go of default habits, beliefs, cultural influences, expectations of herself to fit into his world- all of which she had acquired over the years then she would lose a part of herself. Then her identity would be at risk. This caused her to have fear. She suffered in her mind and resisted cooperating with the practices during the sessions. However, she suffered immensely as a result of her being controlled in her mind. My only request to her was to stay with the practices she had learnt during the session and practice these during the week. We did this slowly week after week. Soon, she realized that the practices were helping her. The intelligent conversations and exchanges, the increase in her awareness, understanding emotions and how the body responded.  Her way of being was transforming, new default settings were being created. She experienced well being by making a few modifications in how she viewed outside influences.

My invitation to you my dearest readers today is to question yourselves. Which beliefs are weighing you down and inhibiting you to experience the joy, exuberance and bliss of life.

I am happy to help you bring these out over a 30 minute conversation totally free of charge as part of my intention to give back to society. This might totally change the way you experience life. Please write to me if interested.




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