Several conversations with clients this week have revolved around the topic of control. We have been discussing how they experience stress, anxiety and turbulence in their ways of being as a result of the desire to control events, processes, happenings in their lives. Our over intelligent minds are constantly hijacking us to believe that we … Continue reading CONTROL

Weekend Post

My week began with a part of my tooth breaking off. It was extremely uncomfortable and my tongue was in danger of being cut or bitten by the sharpness of the broken tooth. I was required to work and speak during the day and noticed huge discomfort. I was extremely blessed to receive an emergency … Continue reading Weekend Post

Are we in control or not in control?

‘I remember working with a client a few years ago who believed that if she transformed her way of being by becoming a better observer, let go of default habits, beliefs, cultural influences, expectations of herself to fit into his world- all of which she had acquired over the years then she would lose a … Continue reading Are we in control or not in control?