I said something absent mindedly to another fellow traveler a few weeks ago. I spent hours asking for forgiveness from the Lord of the Universe. In my opinion, I floundered. It revealed to me that there was some anger within myself.

I have spent the past weeks clearing that old baggage out replacing it with divine virtues of compassion, forgiveness and healing.

Life is quite amazing. It helps you take an inventory the moment you relax.

Keep walking and stay steadfast on the journey of life. Hope I have inspired some of you.

With tremendous humility


Announcing the release of a new morning meditation to enjoy over a cuppa. For those who have not downloaded the app, here is the link:

Enjoy the bliss!

In the spirit of service


It requires courage to grow and transform. I am always grateful to my daughters who pull me up if I say something that might be perceived as rude to the other. I make a mental note and strive my best to not repeat it.
What will you do this week to take an honest look within the mirror of yourself? Will you listen to the negative feedback received and build the muscle of courage to transform?

This is true freedom from old bondages and karmic patterns.

In the spirit of service


When I was biking in the hilly wine region of Lake Ferto earlier this month together with my family, I noticed how tired I was getting going uphill. The one mantra that kept me going was “This too shall pass”. After every uphill patch came a corresponding downhill or flat terrain.
Life too is similar. The ride becomes bumpy at times. Let us understand that every circumstance shall come to pass. Let us learn from every curve ball that life is throwing at us. We can experience joy after we have understood suffering and grief.
I have never claimed to be perfect. I am striving to learn every day of my life with a spirit of humility and grace.

In the spirit of service


My dearest ones

Hope you are doing well. We in Hungary are enjoying the national day and a long weekend.

This quote has been the topic of several conversations this week . How does this resonate with some of you? What could you do to start daring greatly this week? Make a list of thoughts that occur to you and take an inventory by the end of the week on what your achievements were in this direction.

In the spirit of service


My Dearest Readers

As you know, the last weeks have been beautifully spent with my kind and loving girls. I notice that I grow the most when I am receiving their honest, kind and loving mirroring. I feel grateful to have them in the journey of my life.

Are you open enough to receive criticism or feedback? This in my opinion is imperative if one wishes to lead a fulfilled life.

It’s easy to retreat into solitude and stay calm. The true yogi lives in the mud of relationships and stays calm despite all the turbulence that comes forth.

I hope that I’ve been able to inspire some of you.


Kedves Olvasóim

Mint tudják, az elmúlt hetek gyönyörűen teltek kedves és szerető lányaimmal. Észrevettem, hogy akkor fejlődöm a legjobban, amikor őszinte, kedves és szeretetteljes tükröt kapok.

Hálásnak érzem magam, hogy életem útján Velem vannak.
Elég nyitott vagy a kritikák vagy visszajelzések fogadására? Ez véleményem szerint elengedhetetlen, ha valaki teljes életet akar élni.

Könnyű visszavonulni a magányba és nyugodt maradni. Az igazi jógi a kapcsolatok iszapjában él, és nyugodt marad minden felbukkanó zűrzavar ellenére.

Remélem, sikerült inspirálni néhányatokat.


Gratitude to
Ozan Kulcu for technical support
Anita Kulcu Gusztafik for diligently translating posts every week into Hungarian
Juhi and Raul for appropriate and apt photographs for my post
Vriddhi Sujan for editing the posts
My posts would not reach you if it were not for my wonderful team. Much much gratitude from my heart space


The Corona virus knocked at our doors totally unannounced in February of 2020.
To shake us and help to awaken us.
All tough times, suffering, and crisis.
Arrive with a message.
For those who are willing to hear and transform.
I started a deep transformation process.
Diving deeper within.
To unlock the mysteries and secrets.
That my soul had been yearning for forever and ever.
Till this year when the children both paid me a visit after 18 months.
All of us reunited, transformed and grateful.
For all the bounties that life has given us.
Looking back, I am supremely grateful for this long separation.
To be able to appreciate each other more.
Without taking the other for granted.
My heart sings and dances with joy.
With all the fun trips, meals, hikes and cycling marathons that we enjoyed together.
It feels like I have received a booster dose of vitamin children.
To keep me going.
Till we see each other again soon, very soon.


MEDITATION APP RELEASE: It is my great pleasure to announce the release of the Transformative Solutions meditation app. My intention is to help my followers live from a centered space as you walk the journey of life. Find it in the App or Google Play stores under Transformative Solutions and let me know your feedback.

Thanks to Ramakrishna Natarajan, Robert Kapitány, and my dedicated social media team for all their hard work developing this app.

In the spirit of service,


My experience visiting an outdoor concert last week on a beautiful summer Sunday morning left me fully charged to start my week with a feeling of tremendous gratitude and appreciation towards the artists and the gift of serene music we receive from amazing talent.

Sitting under the shade of a beautiful tree that was bowing its branches in humility, the leaves served as a cooling fan that stroked my arms with a gentle and loving touch. The experience was euphoric that no words can adequately express.

The last piece that was played was about love. The only way to find love within is to start loving those around us unconditionally with rigor and passion. I started comparing the different branches of faith that I have had the good fortune of studying, absorbing and practicing over the years. Each religion teaches us to find the love, joy and peace within. For us to be able to tap into that space, the practice is to love one and all from a place of purity and kindness. Let us start persevering to bring this non judgemental love in our lives bit by bit.

Hope I have been able to inspire my readers on various platforms today.

In the spirit of service

A múlt héten egy gyönyörű, vasárnap reggeli szabadtéri koncertélményem teljesen feltöltött, hogy óriási hálával és elismeréssel kezdjem a hetet a művészek, és a csodálatos tehetségektől kapott derűs zene felé.

Egy gyönyörű fa árnyékában ülve, amely alázatosan hajtotta le ágait, a levelek hűsítő ventilátorként szolgáltak és gyengéd, szeretetteljes érintéssel simogatták a karomat. Az élmény eufórikus volt, amit egyetlen szó sem tud megfelelően kifejezni.

Az utolsó játszott darab a szerelemről szólt. Az egyetlen módja annak, hogy megtaláljuk a szeretetet, ha elkezdjük feltétel nélkül szeretni a körülöttünk lévőket szenvedéllyel. Elkezdtem összehasonlítani a hit különböző ágait, amelyeket az évek során volt szerencsém tanulni, elsajátítani és gyakorolni. Minden vallás arra tanít bennünket, hogy megtaláljuk a szeretetet, az örömöt és a békét. Ahhoz, hogy képesek legyünk beletapintani ebbe a térbe a gyakorlat az, hogy a tisztaság és a kedvesség állapotából szeressünk mindenkit. Kezdjük el apránként behozni életünkbe ezt az ítélkezésmentes szeretetet.

Remélem, ma sikerült inspirálnom olvasóimat a különböző platformokon.

A szolgálat szellemében

Gratitude to
Ozan Kulcu for technical support
Anita Kulcu Gusztafik for diligently translating posts every week into Hungarian
Juhi and Raul for appropriate and apt photographs for my post
Vriddhi Sujan for editing the posts
My posts would not reach you if it were not for my wonderful team. Much much gratitude from my heart space