It is generally observed how we as humans tend to appreciate the gifts of life very little. Every time we appreciate tasting a delicious meal, seeing a pretty flower or listening to sweet music, we are connecting to Life Force at a deep level..The experience of living life from this space is euphoric.

My intention this week was to become an appreciation scavenger in order to connect with being-ness further. The results have been quite beautiful.

Please give it a go this week and feel free to write me your findings.

In the spirit of service
Prerna 🙏


It was a beautiful late fall morning when I went for a walk amidst nature this week. An extremely loud and unpleasant noise drew my attention to workers sweating as they broke stone. I thought about how our unhealthy and unproductive habit patterns are exactly like that piece of stone that refused to budge. Why do we do so? We get used to patterns, narratives, habits, and practices that cause us to suffer again and again. The jackhammer of life is attempting to help us change. Sadly, we are in the ferris wheel of ups and downs. When will this be enough for us? What can help us break out of this?
My first tip is to start becoming aware of ourselves, our surroundings, and our relationships. Let us start listening more and speaking less. This is the first step to start understanding others, their perceptions, actions and ways of being.
Practicing this for a few weeks shall bring about a big change in your internal environment.



I watched a live performance by one of my most favorite artists a few weeks ago. I noticed the person sitting by his side giving him looks which I perceived as nasty. Immediately, I reminded myself how important it is to soften my look with the eyes that we have graciously been given to love each one. It was a wonderful reminder and learning for me.

I have spent the last weeks practicing this consciously. Love oozing out of my eyes even under a mask. My inner world has become tranquil and kind.

A small practice and change works wonders. Let us learn every minute of our lives.

In the spirit of service


September 5 is celebrated as teachers day in India where I grew up. We honoured, respected and appreciated our teachers on this day. Social media was full with messages honouring them on this day. I am very grateful to all those teachers who taught me wholesome qualities and traits.

My thoughts have been going out towards all those persons who have been my best teachers. The most precious teachers for me have been the ones who have helped me rise above the human weaknesses and exhibit divine virtues. They have helped me become the person that I am today and the journey is continuing as I write these lines.

Ae we willing to learn from our difficult experiences and rise above these in order to bring peace, joy and happiness into our lives? The key is in our hands and the choice is for us to make. I urge you to make the choice today and claim your seat on the happiness flight today.



I said something absent mindedly to another fellow traveler a few weeks ago. I spent hours asking for forgiveness from the Lord of the Universe. In my opinion, I floundered. It revealed to me that there was some anger within myself.

I have spent the past weeks clearing that old baggage out replacing it with divine virtues of compassion, forgiveness and healing.

Life is quite amazing. It helps you take an inventory the moment you relax.

Keep walking and stay steadfast on the journey of life. Hope I have inspired some of you.

With tremendous humility


Announcing the release of a new morning meditation to enjoy over a cuppa. For those who have not downloaded the app, here is the link:

Enjoy the bliss!

In the spirit of service


It requires courage to grow and transform. I am always grateful to my daughters who pull me up if I say something that might be perceived as rude to the other. I make a mental note and strive my best to not repeat it.
What will you do this week to take an honest look within the mirror of yourself? Will you listen to the negative feedback received and build the muscle of courage to transform?

This is true freedom from old bondages and karmic patterns.

In the spirit of service


When I was biking in the hilly wine region of Lake Ferto earlier this month together with my family, I noticed how tired I was getting going uphill. The one mantra that kept me going was “This too shall pass”. After every uphill patch came a corresponding downhill or flat terrain.
Life too is similar. The ride becomes bumpy at times. Let us understand that every circumstance shall come to pass. Let us learn from every curve ball that life is throwing at us. We can experience joy after we have understood suffering and grief.
I have never claimed to be perfect. I am striving to learn every day of my life with a spirit of humility and grace.

In the spirit of service