My work helps people to tap into the creative, resourceful, and whole version of themselves which is present in each one of us. I simply facilitate my clients to get in touch with these parts within them in order to experience well-being in every aspect of their lives. When I start looking at each person … Continue reading YOU ARE CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL AND WHOLE!!


"Life holds a magical mirror to help us observe, learn, grow, and finally practice its learnings." For me, my desire to be in service must be focused on those who truly want to grow. I must learn to help others by examining the need with the facts in question instead of offering unwanted advice. Doing … Continue reading LEARNINGS


I felt compelled to send a message mid week due to several conversations that have taken place so far. We are experiencing grey, rainy weather all week in Budapest this week. People’s moods are not the best and spirits seem to be low. The weather has a direct impact on our ways of being. I … Continue reading MID-WEEK MESSAGE


Many of you know my love for fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables that I pick up weekly at the farmers’ market close to my home in Budapest. I miss these visits during the winter months. Last weekend, I picked up a few imperfect looking tomatoes. However, the food that those tomatoes produced has been superbly … Continue reading EMBRACING IMPERFECTION


Many conversations this week have been about the challenges that life throws in our paths. Upon evaluating and assessing the lessons learnt from these challenges, many of us understand the importance of these curve balls in order to improve ourselves, progress closer toward our goals, and slowly eliminate the age-old patterns that we get accustomed … Continue reading KEY TO SUCCESS


Dear All Hope you’re doing well and have had a good week. This week I've been thinking about how we tend to get bogged down by setbacks or small challenges that come our way. This happens because we expect everything to turn out as per our expectations and wishes. This seems to be quite an … Continue reading ENJOYING THE JOURNEY

2020 Challenges

Dear All Many of my conversations this week have been around planning for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to do so due to the uncertainty around COVID 19. What strikes me is how we are being pushed to focus on the present moment with full attention and gratitude. … Continue reading 2020 Challenges


My thoughts this week: As we are mentally preparing for the second wave of the pandemic to potentially hit us once again, I have been consciously offering gratitude for all the small mercies that I have received as gifts during this rather unusual year. I am also sending out a message of strength and hope … Continue reading POWER COCKTAIL


The post COVID world is changing rapidly and we must adapt and adjust to be able to thrive. Many of us have been wearing masks in order to comply with the latest WHO recommendations to help stop the spread of the virus. A thought that came up for me connecting masks to my work is … Continue reading FAULTY MASKS


Dear Treasures, Hope you’re enjoying the long summer days and beautiful evening sunsets. I strive to go for a brisk walk every evening after I finish work for the day. On one such evening, the colors of the sky were gorgeous against the gothic parliament building, as you can see in the picture. I go … Continue reading MY RITUAL 3